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Remote Learning is the New Normal

Anyone who has used a remote learning model in the past knows that it can be an incredibly effective way to master a subject. For more than 20 years, there have been accredited colleges that have provided adults with the means of obtaining an array of college degrees via distance learning. As technologies have emerged, expanded and changed, the ways that distance or remote learning occurs has shifted, too.

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, these effective distance learning options are more important than ever. Sadly, public schools have not been very progressive with this approach to learning, simply because they didn’t need to be! They had classrooms and buildings where students arrived each day to learn.

That approach has had to change and now most schools in North America, Europe, and other locations are scurrying to establish some sort of remote learning system. Take the Chicago Public School system, which the Chicago Tribune reported is delivering over 100,000 computers to students and making a move to online classes.

With the option being to temporarily shut down, most schools are rushing to find a more tenable solution. And what all of this is going to mean over the long-term is becoming quite plain: remote learning is about to become the new normal.

How to nurture remote learning

So, will this mean that a student will sit down at their computer and open a browser to log into their classroom? It may be that simple, but most experts say that a parent or guardian needs to first set the stage by supplying a student with:

  • A laptop suited to the demands of remote learning (faster processor and good battery life are musts)
  • A good printer because teachers are going to use a lot more worksheets and printouts than ever before
  • A well-designed wireless mouse because no one can use a trackpad for six to eight hours per day
  • Noise-canceling headphones (this is going to spare everyone from frustration as it allows the student to give full attention to the class or discussion without also flooding the room with noise)
  • Keyboard cleaner (your student is likely to enjoy some snack time during their study time, and because it is more important than ever to be germ free, finding some good keyboard cleaners is a wise choice)
  • An upgraded router (faster Wi-Fi is becoming more important as homes remain full of people who need to be connected, and remote learning is nearly impossible without high-speed internet)
  • A good desk and chair (it can be tempting to study in bed or on the sofa, but this is bad for the posture and the attention span)
  • Old-fashioned supplies like good notebooks and pens, a good planner to keep that routine or schedule clear, and so on
  • A multi-USB port because your students are going to use their laptop, and likely a tablet, plus their phones, and more

If you want to further support their learning success, think outside of the box. As noted, schools were not fully prepared for this shift, and that means tutors can enhance the learning experience. TutorOcean has a large-scale, preexisting system for helping students of all levels. They can learn in real-time with subject matter experts, and ensure their education is not interrupted in any way – even if schools are closed.

Not only can tutors help you get better grades, but they can also help you get ahead, stay on track, and excel in your courses. Find a suitable tutor online!

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