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TutorOcean is a global marketplace and virtual learning platform where learners and tutors engage for K-12 subjects, university preparation, peer-led mentoring, and instruction in a variety of arts and hobbies. Through TutorOcean’s intuitive and integrated online classroom, tutors are able to cultivate the internal motivation and potential of learners, and thus help them achieve their goals. It’s a place where the connection is made instantly, knowledge is shared and acquired in real-time, and community is created while breaking geographical boundaries.​

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How TutorOcean came to be

Long before Will Li co-founded Ottawa, Canada-based TutorOcean Inc., he dreamed of being a mega-star martial artist like his heroes – Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. At age eight, he convinced his parents to allow him to attend a special martial arts and acrobatics academy for youth full time. By age 13, sidelined by major injuries, he returned to a regular school, only to discover that he had slipped far behind academically.  That’s when Li discovered the power of tutoring.  With the help of two inspiring tutors, Li in six short months caught up on five years’ worth of regular curriculum. Li gained a deep appreciation for just how impactful one-on-one tutoring could be for the student. His tutors became lifelong mentors who instilled in him a love of learning, and the confidence, wisdom and drive to chase his ambitions.  While in university, Li became a math and science tutor, eager to play to this same formative role for others. He realized how challenging it can be for families to find the right tutor. It wasn’t just about subject matter expertise, but also finding the right match in terms of personality and teaching method. The logical answer was to take tutoring online, where people could engage with each other from anywhere in the world, but Li couldn’t find an option that was ideal. Nothing available at the time could effectively replicate being able to work face-to-face or serve as an effective match-making service.  After 18 years working in the high-tech industry as a software engineer, Li in 2018 co-founded TutorOcean. The goal of TutorOcean is to empower people to share their knowledge with those who are keen to learn – wherever they are in the world.  Through an aggressive, grass-roots effort to connect with individual tutors, companies that provide tutoring services, and post-secondary institutions, TutorOcean has in a short time built a global user base in the tens of thousands. Parents and guardians, students, tutors, educators and education administrators from all over the world, K-12 through post-secondary, have turned to TutorOcean.

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