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How To Create A Coherent Student Progress Report

A periodic student progress report is of course, beneficial for the student, but also for the tutor. It’s a great way for the student (and their parents) to know how they’re doing and the tutor to ensure that their personalized lesson plan is effective. 

Whether it’s giving your student a fairly detailed, holistic view of them as a learner, that is, your comments would be related to knowledge, skills and dispositions, or giving them a snapshot-like summative view of performance in distinct learning areas and tasks, it’s important to tailor your progress reports to your students’ needs (and in fact, what parents are looking for specifically in progress reports) to best reflect how they’ve done and what they must work on next. 

We’ve created a template below, for you to consider as a guide when you design your progress report. 


Of course, depending on your relationship and mutual agreement with your students, words used to describe their level of competency in each area of study or proficiency in certain abilities will vary. You’re absolutely free to create your own categories of evaluation for each of your students. 

If you like the template above, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team and we can help you create your very own student report. 

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