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How to Help Children with Homework?

Stress-free & effective ways for parents to help children with homework

Not many kids get excited about homework and we can’t really blame them. After a long day at school, followed by extra-curricular activities, and by the time they get home, a pile of homework awaits them. But, homework contributes to students’ learning and engagement, especially when they focus on the quality and value of the work being done. Also, homework is a test of grit. It helps to develop students’ discipline to fulfill their responsibilities (regardless of whether or not these responsibilities are exciting), starting in elementary school. 

So, how can parents help their kids to embrace the challenge, rather than resist it? And at the same time still maintain a harmonious relationship? (More often than not, when parents help their children with homework it ends up being an unpleasant experience.) Keep reading for some useful tips!

Guide them to manage their time and workload

If you’ve ever been or is currently a manager at work, then you know that, essentially, your role is to organize, monitor, motivate, and praise the effort as your teammates are completing their work. In this case, your kids are your teammates! Help them create a to-do list and ask them to put the assignments in the order that they want to complete them, and encourage them to explain their thinking (this fosters a sense of control). Also, this is a good time to give them suggestions about how to better organize their to-do list so that they finish the important items first. On top of that, challenge them to estimate how long an assignment will take, and ask if they want to set the timer for that full amount of time, or less. 

Cheer them on

It’s time to re-think your homework supervision style. Some parents fall into one or more of the traps below:

  • Nagging your kids too much – this would inevitably cause resistance (especially in teens)
  • Constantly incentivizing with your kids using treats or things – eventually they will have to motivate themselves
  • Rolling up your sleeves and trying to help – more often than not, this ends up being a stressful situation

Encourage and praise your kids more. Many of them struggle with confidence and anxiety around homework, so try to cheer them on while finding out the cause of their worry. This brings us to the final point below!

Leave it to an experienced tutor

An experienced and qualified tutor will conduct a diagnostic test on the student before creating a personalized lesson plan. Tutors not only can help kids to improve their grades in academics and hone their study skills, but they can also help them to build their confidence. In TutorOcean’s secure, private, 1-on-1 online classroom, tutors collaborate with kids of all ages on their homework, patiently guiding them through learning a new skill, and mentoring them on pursuing their aspirations. And this all can be done from the comfort and safety of their homes.

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