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Debunking 9 Common Myths About Tutoring – Part 2/2

Myth #5: It makes more sense to have the tutor come to your house or go to theirs

Although it’s nice to have that face-to-face interaction, time wasted on the road, the ever-increasing cost of gas and energy depleted from battling traffic are all drawbacks of in-person tutoring. Instead, online tutoring is more convenient because it eliminates the restrictions of commuting, geography, time zones, and hence finding the right tutor becomes a lot easier. 

Myth #6: Kids who are tutored will become dependent upon their tutors

Tutors not only help students hone in their academic skills, but they also foster skills that allow students to learn, think critically, and process information independently. Eventually, students can take on new assignments or learn a new skill (for school or for work) on their own, and even help others to become independent. 

Myth #7: Wait until your academic situation is bad enough to hire a tutor

Most people procrastinate when it comes to getting a tutor or they don’t even know if it’s time to get some serious help. School curriculum and homework don’t wait for anyone, so if a student falls behind in the first few weeks of a new semester/school year and they don’t seek help in a timely manner, they’re not only going to fall behind significantly (because the pace of a class picks up as teachers need to get marks in and cover the necessary materials for exams), but they’re also going to be really frustrated and lose motivation. So the first time that a student struggles with schoolwork is time to hire a tutor. Clearing up all the problems with help from a tutor will perhaps leave you with some time to reach ahead – look over materials for next day’s class. 

Myth #8: There is no need to do work outside of tutoring

Going back to talking about becoming an independent learner: even though tutoring gives students an advantage, students should also keep doing independent work. Practice makes perfect. Students should take what they’ve learned during tutoring sessions and complete practice worksheets to reinforce their knowledge, and hence be on track to produce desirable results down the road. 

Myth #9: Tutoring is only for young students

There are in fact a lot of working professionals or adult students who regularly receive tutoring. They’ve either returned to school to obtain another diploma or finish the one they started or want to acquire a new skill. Generally, their objective is to advance their careers.

Not only can tutors help you get better grades, but they can also help you get ahead and excel in your courses. Finding a tutor is easy!

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