AI Tutor Essay Writing Tool Guide

Master Essay Writing with AI Tutor: A Comprehensive Guide to the Writing Tool

Struggling with writing essays? Say hello to AI Tutor, a revolutionary writing tool designed to streamline your writing process. Whether you’re starting an essay from scratch or looking to improve an existing one, AI Tutor is your one-stop solution. 

AI Tutor’s Writing Tool Features

Starting an Essay from Scratch

Ever stared at a blank page, unsure where to start? With AI Tutor, you just need to provide the topic, level of writing, and style of essay, and it will help you build an essay from scratch. 

Starting with an outline, you can then ask AI Tutor to suggest example sentences for each bullet point, helping you overcome initial writing hurdles. This feature is a lifesaver for students who struggle with writer’s block or are unsure about how to introduce their topic.

AI Tutor Writing Tool - Provide an example
AI Tutor Writing Tool - "Provide an example" function for writers block

Building an Essay Outline

Organization is key to clear and coherent writing. AI Tutor helps you build a detailed essay outline, ensuring that your ideas flow logically from one to the next. When you start with the “Write” function, AI Tutor will automatically generate an essay outline for you. However, you can customize it yourself by changing the section titles or asking the chat to suggest new main points within your essay topic. This feature is particularly important for students as it helps them structure their thoughts, making their essays easier to write and their arguments easier for readers to follow.  

AI Tutor Writing Tool - Essay Outline Generator
AI Tutor Writing Tool - Essay Outline Generator

Brainstorming Thesis Statements

AI Tutor can also help generate ideas for your thesis statement. The chat on the right side of the writing pad has contextual knowledge of what is in your paper, so you can ask AI Tutor to brainstorm and recommend thesis statements. As a student, this feature is essential because it helps you formulate a clear, concise, and compelling argument, which is the backbone of any good essay.

Editing and Proofreading

Wordy sentences or paragraphs can confuse readers and distract from your main points. AI Tutor can suggest ways to rephrase or shorten your sentences and paragraphs, ensuring that your writing is clear and concise. By selecting text, you can ask AI Tutor to “Provide an example”, “Summarize”, “Explain”, “Improve Writing”, “Make Shorter”, and “Simplify Language”. By selecting each of these prompts, AI Tutor will help you rephrase a certain section of your essay, helping you generate a well-written, and error free essay. This feature is crucial for students who struggle with verbosity or who are unsure about how to express their ideas succinctly. 

In addition to brainstorming ideas, AI Tutor also has built in proofreading functionality. By selecting the text you want to review, you can ask AI Tutor to “Fix Spelling and Grammar” and then you can either replace the existing text or insert it below to compare the new and old text.

Providing Reviews of an Existing Essay

AI Tutor is not just for starting new essays. It can also review your existing essays, providing feedback on grammar, punctuation, style, and structure. This feature is invaluable for students who want to improve their writing skills because it provides personalized, constructive feedback that they can use to revise their essays and enhance their writing in the future. 

AI Tutor Writing Tool - Reviews Your Essay
AI Tutor Writing Tool - Reviews Your Essay

To get feedback on your essay, simply start with the “Review” function, then upload your essay into the writing pad in the center of the screen. Because the chat has knowledge of what is on your writing pad, you can ask it questions like “Can you give me some ideas to make my argument more persuasive?” or “Can you provide a few ideas for additional points of view that I haven’t considered?”.

AI Tutor Writing Tool - Suggestions for Improvements
AI Tutor Writing Tool - Suggestions for Improvements

Your AI Writing Coach

In addition to the onscreen prompts that you see within the writing pad, there is also a chat on the right panel of your screen which has knowledge of everything in your essay. You can then ask it strategic questions like “How can I strengthen my argument?” or “Where can I find sources for the research in my essay?”. By leveraging the chat feature, you now have a built-in writing coach to guide you through your essay, helping you improve your writing skills while you complete your project. 

AI Tutor Writing Tool - Suggest Research Sources
AI Tutor Writing Tool - Suggest Research Sources

TLDR: How can AI Tutor's Writing Tool Help Me Write Better Essays?

AI Tutor is a comprehensive tool that can help students at every stage of the essay writing process, from brainstorming ideas to refining their final drafts. By using AI Tutor, students can improve their writing skills, increase their confidence, and spend less time struggling with essays and more time mastering the subject matter. 

Start using AI Tutor today and elevate your essay writing skills to new heights.