What Is a Tutor?

Thanks for checking out TutorOcean! You may be wondering, what is a tutor? How can I benefit? Worry no more, and keep on reading…

Tutoring is dated way back to Ancient Greece, where it was an informal and unstructured method of assisted education, much like how many people use tutoring today. However, in recent times, tutoring can be so much more. It’s a great way to even learn something new, and pick up a new skill with the help of a qualified individual in their area of expertise. It can also be used to supplement regular learning, through school or other education centres. Tutors are typically specialized in their area of teaching, meaning that students will be able to work with experts who know their stuff.

A tutor is often able to provide their students with more personalized teachings. They take the time to understand what each student needs and how to help them reach their goals, whatever they may be! Tutoring can be thought of as personalized teaching, as they can help students better understand topics and issues more deeply than in other environments. By spending time in smaller groups, tutors can better realize how the students learn most effectively, translating to more success and confidence. Tutoring also provides a safe space, where the students are not judged by their performance. Unlike in schools, there are no standardized tests when working with tutors. Students can be freed from the stress of assessments and instead focus on improving and working towards their goals, which would allow them to reach their fullest potentials.

Overall, tutors can be a great way for people to expand their learning horizons and gain confidence in becoming independent learners. The power of working closely with someone else is incredible, so sign up today and explore the advantages!

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