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Largest University in Georgia turns to QuadC

Georgia State University finds the flexibility and scale it needs to deploy online tutoring for six campuses 

October 14, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – With the COVID-19 pandemic creating in just a few days the volume of demand for online tutoring typically seen in a whole semester, QuadC has helped Georgia State University rise to the challenge.

QuadC, a platform that helps educational institutions effortlessly deliver their student support services to improve student retention.

Georgia State University (GSU) is an enterprising public research university in Atlanta with a world-class faculty that serves more than 53,000 students. It is a national leader in graduating students from diverse backgrounds, having been ranked the second most innovative university in the U.S. and the top university in the country for its commitment to teaching.

Since the pandemic began, GSU has been working with QuadC to deploy virtual learning at Perimeter College (which encompasses five campuses) and the downtown Atlanta campus. With QuadC, GSU has been able to quickly transition ahead of the fall semester to take tutoring, peer mentoring, the ever-popular drop-in sessions and supplemental instruction online.

Read the full story here to find out the details of the GSU-QuadC partnership.

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