Reporting Abuse

Last updated: July 2020

When something gets reported to TutorOcean, we review it and remove anything that goes against our community standards. 

We try to do our best to maintain a clean, friendly and safe environment for all our users especially our younger students and we can always use your help when you find something you believe to be inappropriate or unethical.

Let’s keep a safe platform environment together

To protect users’ privacy, we anonymize all information of the user who filed the report. Please keep in mind that reporting something to TutorOcean doesn’t guarantee that it will be removed.

Working with Law Enforcement

TutorOcean also works with local and international law enforcement agencies to help keep the site free from scams and any other illegal or inappropriate activities.

Submit Your Confidential Concern Here

So please submit your confidential request using the form below with as many details you are willing to share.