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How to Create a Comprehensive Tutoring Lesson Plan

If you’re a tutor on the TutorOcean platform, at some point you may have one-time, pay-as-you-go tutoring sessions, and other times you may have packages of sessions booked with students. Regardless of which type of sessions you have (you may have both!), it’s always good to prepare personalized lesson plans for your students. Not only will a comprehensive lesson plan be a guide in helping your students reach their goals, but it will also make you a better tutor over time because it helps you in maintaining a standard teaching/tutoring pattern and avoid causing confusions due to a lack of preparation. 

We’ve created two templates – one detailed and the other brief – for you to consider as a guide when you design your lesson plan. 

Create tutoring lesson plans in 7 simple steps

1. Set the ultimate goals

discuss with your students and set the ultimate goals your student want to achieve by the end of all tutoring sessions.

Tip: The different between a goal and an objective is that a goal is more broad, while an objective is specific and measurable.

2. Have clear objectives

Describe the specific knowledge and ability your student would have acquired after all tutoring sessions.

3. List the required materials

List the textbooks, worksheets, and other materials that your student would have to get before the start of your lessons. If you’re providing them with the materials, please indicate that as well.

4. Brief introduction to the course plan

Briefly introduce what your student will be learning throughout the course of their sessions.

5. Align your lessons with the curriculum standards

Describe how your lesson plan aligns with the curriculum that your student is learning at school.

6. Discuss the session plan

Describe how your teaching style and sessions plan are tailored to meet the needs of your student.

7. Provide practice sheet or homework

Give homework or notes that your student can practice during their own time.

Feel free to use the infographics chart below to create a detailed or brief tutoring lesson plan for your student.


Brief lesson plan


If you like either or both of these lesson plans, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team and we can help you create your very own lesson plan.