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TutorOcean Provides a New “Home” to Thousands of Chegg Tutors and Students

An inclusive tutoring marketplace gives thousands of former Chegg tutors an opportunity in continuing to help students succeed.

December 18, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada TutorOcean, a global tutoring marketplace with vetted tutors that facilitates virtual learning with its integrated online whiteboard-driven classroom, announced today that it’s welcoming thousands of former Chegg tutors to join its platform so they can continue to help students to reach their learning goals. Chegg Tutors will cease operations on January 31, 2021. The reason for this decision remains unclear. 

“It’s very unfortunate to see another tutoring platform shut down amidst a time when people are working hard to sustain their livelihood and students need extra support in keeping up with online learning,” said Will Li, Co-founder and CEO of TutorOcean. “I’m confident that our community can provide former Chegg tutors with a reliable support system and more opportunities to help students succeed like how they’ve always done in the past. Reach out anytime, we’re here to help.”

Joining the TutorOcean platform as a tutor or student comes with many perks, including free registration, access to an interactive online classroom and world-class customer support. The online classroom is equipped with an easy-to-use and fully-featured interactive whiteboard, including video, file sharing, writing support and joint code editor, that enable tutors to collaborate with students in real-time in ways never done before.

About TutorOcean

TutorOcean is a global marketplace and virtual learning platform where learners and tutors engage for K-12 and post-secondary subjects, university preparation, peer-led mentoring, and instruction in a variety of arts and hobbies.

Using TutorOcean’s intuitive and integrated online classroom, tutors are able to create a stimulating and effective learning environment to help learners achieve their goals. It’s a place where connections are made instantly, knowledge is shared in real-time, and geographical boundaries are conquered to create a global community that is passionate about lifelong learning.

For media inquiries, please contact Camron Sabour, press@tutorocean.com

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TutorOcean is a global marketplace where learners and tutors connect. Through its intuitive and integrated online classroom, tutors are able to cultivate the internal motivation and potential of learners, and thus help them achieve their goals. It's a place where the connection is made instantly, knowledge is shared and acquired in real-time, and community is created while breaking geographical boundaries.