Mastering Online Learning with AI Tutor’s Latest Updates

Personalized, effective, and engaging learning experiences are essential for students seeking success. That’s where AI Tutor steps in – offering the winning combination of AI-powered tutoring with expert human guidance.

We’re excited to share the news about introducing three exciting new AI Tutor features to enhance students’ online learning experiences and support their academic success: diagnostic assessments, improved language learning functionalities, and a new subscription option.

Let’s dive into them. (Hint: if you prefer seeing the new AI Tutor features in action, click below).

The AI Tutor Advantage: Get Better Help With Diagnostic Assessments

What is a Diagnostic Assessment?

Before diving into the exciting updates, let’s first understand the concept of a diagnostic assessment. In education, a diagnostic assessment is a powerful tool that helps identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject or skill area. It’s not just another quiz; it’s a targeted evaluation that enables students to focus on areas that truly matter for their growth.

What is the Difference Between Diagnostic Assessments and Quizzes?

It’s important to differentiate between diagnostic assessments and regular quizzes. While quizzes typically measure knowledge recall, diagnostic assessments are tailored to uncover specific areas where a student may need improvement. This distinction is pivotal in creating a personalized learning path.

Why Should Students Take Assessments?

Assessments serve multiple purposes in the learning journey. They allow students to showcase their areas of improvement and help them concentrate on what truly matters.

AI Tutor records all diagnostic assessments taken by the user. This allows users to track their progress and share it with others (e.g. tutors or mentors) for advice or future lesson plan development.

Additionally, assessments save valuable time by directing students to the areas requiring attention.  For example, the assessment tool explains each assessment question regardless of whether the student got it correct or not.  Especially for questions that the student got wrong, this explanation highlights how the correct answers were derived and offers options for students to get extra help from tutors.

AI Tutor explanation

AI Tutor’s diagnostic assessment provides students with a comprehensive report at the end of each assessment. This report includes their assessment score, areas for improvement, and explanations for the questions assessed. Students can easily share this insightful report with their online tutors or teachers. Best of all, AI Tutor offers a 30-day free trial for students to experience these benefits firsthand.

AI Tutor Assessment

Learn A New Language Faster With AI Tutor

AI Tutor has introduced a remarkable update for those seeking to broaden their online language learning. Learning a new language has never been easier or more interactive. With a conversational approach at its core, AI Tutor enables students to learn in a natural, immersive environment.

AI Tutor engages students in conversations, encouraging them to actively ask follow-up questions and participate. Newly improved simultaneous translation with a built-in dictionary function, grammar check, and the ability to play the audio files for pronunciation ensures a more holistic learning experience that empowers students to master new languages efficiently and confidently.

Learn French with AI Tutor

Introducing AI Tutor Premium Plans - Unlimited Resources, Unlimited Online Learning

But wait, there’s more!  – AI Tutor Subscription Plans. With these plans, students gain unlimited access to the AI Tutor and other enhanced tools, plus prioritized customer service support to help their learning journey even more

The Free Plan ($0/month) offers access to the text-based AI-powered tutoring platform with a limit of 10 questions or queries to the AI per day. It also recommends human tutors when students need extra help. (Hint: get unlimited access to the diagnostic assessment tool in all plans for the first 30 days).

Unlocking premium features means accessing our entire platform, including all the features from the free plan. With the Essentials plan ($9.99/month currently discounted from a regular price of $19,99/month), students can enjoy unlimited daily queries and free access to the AI Tutor assessment tool, a valuable aid in tracking progress and identifying areas for improvement.

The Standard Plan ($19.99/month currently discounted from a regular price of $39.99/month) goes even further by providing a 10% discount on human tutor fees per session up to 2 sessions per month. Additionally, students on the Premium Plan receive priority customer support to help with any issues.

AI Tutor pricing plans

Learn Better Online With AI Tutor

By combining the precision of diagnostic assessments, the effectiveness of conversational language learning, and the extensive benefits of Premium Plans, AI Tutor is committed to fostering student success.

Join us in embracing the future of education, where personalized, effective, and engaging online learning experiences are within reach. With AI Tutor, the path to success has never been more exciting.