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This photo shows a she preschooler in her kitchen with her mom behind her.

How To Tutor Preschoolers Online

Can you tutor a preschooler online? I asked myself that same question as I planned for my first lesson with a preschooler. I had a good amount of experience with students between the ages of

How to learn a language without noticing.

How To Study Languages Without Even Noticing

Introduction To Learning Languages As all language learners know, there are many basic language learning methods. You can read a text. You can retell a story. You can write a dictation. I can’t help but

A young woman practicing the violin

Keys for Effective Music Practice

Introduction To Music Are you looking for the key to learning music? Or perhaps you say to yourself, some people just come out of the womb as Whitney Houston, but that sure didn’t happen to


Six Tips to Learn French Language

To learn the French language, the aspect that we always ignore that must be the most important of all: THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PREPARATION! As an online French tutor, I can’t come to you and say: “This