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A Reader in the Rough

Challenge The majority of students in the upper elementary and middle grades are beyond decoding ability and need more assistance with comprehension to help them become more mature readers. A collaborative effort by the Center for

The Story of the Box Plot

Box Plot The word box plot always reminds me how to organize things and how to achieve the goal of success for any object. So, let’s have a look at the 5 objectives that really

Improve Your Memory with Holistic Language Learning

Memory and rest Today neurosciences reveal that what was learned during the day is consolidated in thebrain/memory while we sleep. It is during deep sleep that the brain’s mechanismselaborate and archive the acquired knowledge. And

The 5 Easy Steps to Hypothesis Testing

I would like to make the process of understanding hypothesis testing much simpler for students need help learning statistics. Hypothesis testing is a five-step procedure. Let’s address the difficulties of students while they learn the

How to Know Your French Proficiency and Why Use DELF

What is DELF? The French Language Proficiency Certificate or DELF is an internationally recognized certificate awarded by France’s national education ministry. It consists of multiple assessments that measure language proficiency. The exam consists of four

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The Science Behind the Perfect Dough

While the kitchen is very different from the controlled environment of the scientific laboratory, there is chemistry, biochemistry, and physics behind crafting the ideal baked good. Flour is the central ingredient used in baking cakes,

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7 Debunked Myths About Working as a Tutor

There are quite a few myths out there about becoming a tutor. This is unfortunate because there is quite a substantial need for tutors in today’s world. Typical schooling may not be enough to help

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A Close Up on the Atom

The composition of matter is an important chemistry topic. Atoms and molecules make up the world around us. Everything is composed of invisible, indestructible atoms. Atoms are so small that they are invisible to light

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How to see language learning as a joy, not a chore

I’m absolutely crazy about languages, and when I don’t have the opportunity to actually travel, immersing myself in a new language is the next best thing. I wasn’t always dreaming in French and slinging Italian

Titration and Food Chemistry Techniques

Titration and Food Chemistry Techniques Titration is a familiar laboratory technique for general chemistry students. There are many different types of titration, including acid/base titration, reduction/oxidation titration, precipitation titration, and complexometric titration. As an analytical

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Effective and Tested Techniques to Reduce Math Anxiety

“Math anxiety” is a feeling of anxiety, fear and apprehension that affect your performance in mathematics. As a Math tutor, I’ve come up with several effective techniques to help students overcome obstacles and succeed.

The ABCDs of Coding in Python

Anybody Can Develop in Python! Why is it important to learn how to code? There is a simple answer to this very valid question, and that answer has been complicated for decades by ‘complicators’. It’s

Is 1 a Prime Number or Not?

Prime Numbers The prime numbers are the natural whole numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.) which are only divisible by 1 and themselves, which leads to the elimination in the previous list of

Make it Write: The A-Zs of Writing

The essential components of writing begin with the usage of punctuation. An essay can start with a quote from a famous person that sheds light on the statements that follow. The Introductory Paragraph That first

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