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5 Tips to Scoring above 700 on the GMAT

If you’re aiming for the coveted score of 700 or above on your Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), here are some tips to help you get ahead and secure your place in a top school of your choice with scholarships. 

Prepare for the test well ahead of time

Don’t wait until one week before the GMAT to try to learn everything. Research the schools you’d like to attend to see what the admissions office expects for a GMAT score. If you think you can suddenly raise your score 150 points, you will need a lot of preparation and work, so don’t think you can cram the night before. Also, be realistic, and have some options for schools that accept a score closer to what you may receive.

Focus on making progress

Be consistent. Repetition of concepts is ideal; don’t focus on how long you’re studying, but rather how much study progress you’ve made. The longer the GMAT preparation time does not necessarily equate with a better score. Instead, focus on specific questions you have difficulty with, and focus on directly learning concepts that you are struggling with. Practice with intention; focus on improving on the types of questions you repeatedly get incorrect and analyze why you’re getting them incorrect.

If, for example, you constantly struggle with data sufficiency problems, seek out options that will help you with those specific questions. (If you are having trouble identifying why you get specific questions wrong,  you may want to skip to tip number five.)

Make good use of free resources and practice tests

Use official GMAT study materials and practice tests. This ensures you’re learning the appropriate things. A glut of learning materials are available online, but not all created equal, so aim for GMAT materials or ones recommended by a tutor. Make sure the materials you use to study are up-to-date.

Best GMAT prep resources:

MBA.com – as the official GMAT website, it offers relevant and the latest information as well as free practice materials

Beat the GMAT – it’s the world’s largest social network for GMAT test-takers and offers admission advice as well as resources 

GMAT Club – has an active forum with thousands of GMAT test-takers who discuss exam details and grad school admission stats, and offers free prep materials

Simulate the testing environment

Know what to expect from the GMAT testing conditions. If you find yourself saying that you just “are not a good test taker” then the problem is not with you not knowing the material, but not be prepared to actually sit and take the test in a timed setting in an unknown setting. Try taking tests in empty classrooms, surrounded by people at a library, or even at your dining room table; but take the entire practice test with a timer, so you can fully know what to expect on the day of the test. Put your phone in another room, don’t have a calculator available, and take the test like it will be expected on the test day.

Hire a tutor to help you prepare for the GMAT 

Last, but not least, invest in an online GMAT tutor. This is an ideal option for GMAT as you can learn tips, tricks, and information from experts who are fully knowledgeable, and can help you with your proficiency and test scores. TutorOcean is a good choice since you can browse multiple options, and opt for either a remote or local tutor depending on your availability, as well as see valid reviews from other people who have been tutored for the GMAT.  If you struggle with knowing why you get specific questions incorrect, a tutor may be able to help you understand where you’re coming up short, and be able to help you improve your score.

Not only can tutors help you get better grades, but they can also help you get ahead, stay on track, and excel in your courses.

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