Federal Government Announces $2.4B Investment in AI, Recognizing TutorOcean as a Leader in The Industry

Canadian Federal Government Announces $2.4B Investment in AI, Recognizing Ottawa-Based TutorOcean as an AI Leader in the Education Industry

Kanata, Ontario, Canada – April 8th, 2024 TutorOcean, a leading education technology startup and industry leader in AI for education, is proud to have been asked to present its views on AI at Hub350 with the Kanata North Business Association as the Honourable Minister Jenna Sudds, MP for Kanata-Carleton and Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development echoed Justin Trudeau’s announcement that $2.4B is being set aside in Canada’s upcoming budget to create room for AI advancements.  

The $2.4 Billion in funding will support three critical pillars of initiatives: improving access to AI infrastructure, growing the economy with greater AI adoption, and ensuring responsible and safe AI development. This investment will help Kanata North’s innovation ecosystem continue to disrupt the global technology scene. 

The Business Association acknowledges Will Li and Tutor Ocean as an early leader in the AI space. Will Li spoke about his experience in the AI field and the journey his company, TutorOcean has been on to make AI an accessible tool to help enhance productivity in the higher education workspace and to bring AI as a helpful tool to tutor students in our daily lives. 

Will Li’s company TutorOcean embodies these three pillars of advancement. Located in the heart of Kanata, TutorOcean has been investing in researching and developing a human-AI hybrid approach that allows our users to get the best that AI and humans can provide together. With the tool, ‘AI Tutor’, students can have a “study buddy” that can personalize learning experiences, be there 24/7, and save time and effort on research, among many other capabilities. This is complemented by a seamless process for the student to reach out to human tutors if they need extra help, inspiration, or even emotional support.

Mr. Li is quoted saying, “Canada already has a longstanding history in helping AI researchers,” as he reminded the crowd of early AI leaders like Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio. He spoke alongside fellow Kanata-based tech-leader Peter O’Blenis (CEO of DistillerSR) who aptly said, “AI is not a product. AI is a transformational, foundational tool.”

This acknowledgement comes on the heels of TutorOcean securing 4th place in Ottawa and 60th Overall in Forbes’ Inaugural Best Startup Employers Ranking.

Those interested in keeping up with the latest advancements in applying AI technology to education should keep a keen eye focused on the TutorOcean CEO & Founder Will Li and his initiatives.

About the company:

TutorOcean is an education technology startup with two products including TutorOcean, a global online tutoring marketplace, and QuadC, a student success and retention platform for higher education institutes with specialized tools for online tutoring and advising services. With over 250,000 users across both platforms, TutorOcean is leading the industry with new developments in AI for education.

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