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Parents Play A Vital Role In A Child’s Education During Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is cost-effective and eliminates the hassle of long commutes – read why this parent from Beijing said that online tutoring is a lifesaver. Still, it’s important for parents to check in regularly on their children’s online tutoring progress. 

Be present at the beginning

It’s a good idea for parents to sit with their children during the first several tutoring sessions until they prove that they can stay focussed and communicate clearly with their tutor. Parents who are actively involved demonstrate to their children that the tutoring is worthwhile and that they’re not left alone to ‘deal with’ a stranger. Also, parents should try to coordinate with the tutor to set a schedule and create a lesson plan, so everyone is mindful of the objective. 

Gain more insight

With the traditional education system, parents normally learn about their children’s progress by seeing their knowledge increase day to day, by looking at assignment scores and report cards, and through parent-teacher meetings. On the other hand, with online tutoring, virtual meetings can be easily scheduled and set up, and happen more frequently than at school. Plus, all communications can be tracked (to ensure accountability) and children’s work can be analyzed to show their progress over time. This way, parents know exactly what their children’s strengths and weaknesses are, and whether or not the extra help from their tutors is worthwhile. 

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