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Should You Rely On Free Or Fee-Based Tutoring?

If you scan headlines about online tutoring, you’ll see that it is now available in a tremendous range of options. There are free courses that kind-hearted parents are offering via local outlets to help ease boredom and social isolation. There are new arrivals to the online tutoring world that popped up overnight in response to the outbreak, and while they may employ proven professionals, their systems have not yet been developed. Then, there are the longer standing providers of tutoring that pair up students with subject matter experts and work with them on a one-on-one basis – which is the ideal model for tutoring.

Should you use one over another?

We’d say this: It is going to depend greatly on what has happened in your child’s school system.

Start with the school system

At this time, there are many ways that school systems around the globe are responding to the threat. Many are closed and have already implemented distance or remote learning systems. This allows students to remain in contact with their teachers, to keep on studying as they were before the outbreak, and to continue learning

Is it ideal? No, but it is the best that many schools can do in such an unusual time.

There are some schools without any solid plans at this time, and parents are being told to do their best until materials are distributed and systems are in place. This is far from ideal and is the perfect time for the use of online tutoring to facilitate their child’s continuing education.

Look to online tutoring

It is fair to say that few students will be able to instantly shift gears from the classroom experience to an online learning model. They may not comprehend a subject as fully as they should and thus may not be certain as to how they can best get their questions answered.

They may not be well-adapted to the screen-based model and find it challenging to give their full attention to this new method.

And if a school is using mostly printouts and asking parents to step up, there is no certainty that subject matter is comprehended.

All of this points to the need for a qualified tutor, and there are already some very reputable channels that make authentic one-on-one, real-time tutoring available. There are some rather generalized options, but then there are platforms like TutorOcean with subject matter experts ready to help students of every level. With scores of skilled and trained teachers and tutors, they can ensure that a college or high school student, or a child in the K-12 range keeps their education moving forward.

COVID-19 has definitely changed the world at an astonishing pace. With schools closed, teachers and students alike have to make a fast shift to online learning. Tutors are a wonderful addition to the experience because they can fill in any gaps and help students enjoy success even though they are not in their usual classroom.

Not only can tutors help your child get better grades, but they can also help them get ahead, stay on track, and excel in their classes. Search for affordable online tutors.

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