Abstract illustration of two people doing online tutoring in different time zones

How To Work With Students In Different Time Zones

To truly be a global online tutor, you have to master the art of working with students who are living in different time zones. It can be difficult at the beginning to get used to waking up at odd hours or creating a schedule to accommodate different students but also striking a balance in your day. But don’t worry, we have several useful tips to help you work efficiently and effectively with students – who are located around the world – on the TutorOcean global platform. Keep reading!

Group similar time zones together

It’s likely that you’ll be working with several students at one time, so if it’s possible, group their sessions by their time zones in your schedule, and of course communicate clearly with them to make sure that such arrangement is all right. 

On the TutorOcean platform, you can see your students’ time zones in the chat box – see image below.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 2.05.05 PM

Communicate often and ahead of time

Check in with your students regularly to remind them of upcoming online sessions, clarify expectations for assigned work, and simply to ensure they’re on track and are not running into any roadblocks. 

On the TutorOcean platform, tutors and students receive reminders about upcoming sessions via email, which are indicated in their perspective time zones.

Get creative with asynchronous activities 

In case that you and your students cannot arrange regular live sessions, you can get creative and record your lessons and share it with them. More ideas about asynchronous tips on becoming a great tutor! Also, encourage your students to give you feedback. Give them some time to fill in a feedback form – not necessarily during a live session – and they can upload it to the Share & Present Files tab in the TutorOcean online classroom. 

At TutorOcean, we put our users first. For tutors, you enjoy the flexibility to teach when you want and charge as you wish. On top of that, our platform allows you to choose the logistics of your lessons such as date, time, location, and more. Sign up for free here!


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