Introducing AI Tutor

TutorOcean launches AI Tutor – A Cutting-Edge Hybrid AI-Human Tutoring Platform

Ottawa-Based Tech Company Launches AI Tutor, a tutoring platform that is set to transform the landscape of education

July 25th, 2023 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada TutorOceana pioneering tech company based in Ottawa, ON, announces the launch of its revolutionary AI tutoring platform – AI Tutor. Breaking new ground in the education landscape, AI Tutor is set to enhance how students learn by seamlessly blending artificial intelligence’s power with human tutors’ expertise.

Education has long been seeking innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of students, and AI Tutor is the answer to this ever-growing demand. By combining the limitless knowledge of artificial intelligence with the human touch of experienced tutors, AI Tutor delivers an always available and personalized learning experience for students.

“We are thrilled to introduce AI Tutor to the world,” said Will Li, CEO and Co-Founder of TutorOcean. “Our platform is a groundbreaking step towards the goal of personalized education. We are combining the scalability and intelligence of AI with the nurturing guidance of human tutors. With AI Tutor, students can embark on an enlightening learning journey that caters to their uniqueness and fosters academic growth. Then, if necessary, the student can seamlessly access TutorOcean’s large community of tutors for the human touch. This takes us all one step closer to the gold standard of a personalized teacher for each student.”

This initial version of AI Tutor offers three key features that empower students to excel in learning – an integrated AI-human tutoring approach, relatable AI personalities, and AI learning prompts based on student responses.

As with all AI systems, it is available 24/7 and provides instant feedback. Students can learn anytime, whenever it is best for them. This is complemented by human tutors who can help clarify, motivate and inspire. Students can access these human tutors in an integrated way within the AI Tutor platform.

In addition, by engaging students through relatable personalities, AI Tutor creates an immersive and enjoyable learning environment that sparks curiosity. The AI Tutor also customizes content with advanced algorithms to match individual needs and prompt students to learn more as they use the system.

As a special introductory offer, students and tutors can sign up for AI Tutor free for a limited time, providing them with a unique opportunity to experience the platform’s transformative capabilities firsthand. “At TutorOcean, we believe that the key to creating an exceptional educational platform lies in listening to our users. We welcome and value feedback on our initial release. We will use this to refine and enhance the AI Tutor experience. Together, we hope to re-imagine the future of education.”

TutorOcean is committed to making education accessible and impactful for all. With this new platform, TutorOcean sets out to bridge the gap between technology and human connection, creating a unique educational experience that combines the best of both worlds.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to embark on a transformative educational journey with AI Tutor. Sign up for free today at

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TutorOcean is a global marketplace and virtual learning platform where learners and tutors engage for K-12 and post-secondary subjects, university preparation, peer-led mentoring, and instruction in a variety of arts and hobbies.

Using TutorOcean’s intuitive and integrated online classroom, tutors can create a stimulating and effective learning environment to help learners achieve their goals. It’s a place where connections are made instantly, knowledge is shared in real-time, and geographical boundaries are conquered to create a global community passionate about lifelong learning.

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TutorOcean is a global marketplace where learners and tutors connect. Through its intuitive and integrated online classroom, tutors are able to cultivate the internal motivation and potential of learners, and thus help them achieve their goals. It's a place where the connection is made instantly, knowledge is shared and acquired in real-time, and community is created while breaking geographical boundaries.