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4 Ways To Balance Athletics And Academics

Hooray! You’ve worked so hard to get on the football, basketball, or lacrosse team, but you also want to make time for studying in order to get good marks and be a well-rounded student. So, how can you strike a good balance between athletics and academics? Don’t fret! Keep reading for 4 ways that allow you to excel at both.

Flex your muscles and mind

Why not come up with a routine that works out your muscles and another that trains your mind? Split up your study sessions and when you’re taking a break in between, do a mini workout (i.e. 5-minute plank challenge or 5-minute meditation/breathing exercise). A burst of dopamine could help lift your mood and you’ll be in a better state of mind when you resume studying.

Hire a private tutor

A constant struggle for a student athlete is trying to find time to study in between training and classes; and these time slots usually fall in odd hours in the day. Lucky for you, there is a global pool of vetted tutors on TutorOcean, who have different availability to cover the odd hours in the day or night to accommodate your busy training schedules. What’s more? Through the TutorOcean online classroom, tutoring sessions can be conducted anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need to drive anywhere or leave the house.

Plan in parallel

Plan for both your assignments and exams, as well as game days ahead of time. Also, commit to a few study hours throughout the week – this way, you can stay on track or even get ahead and make time for post-game celebrations!

Catch some z’s

If you don’t get enough sleep, both your physical and mental performance will suffer, and hence, your study sessions will become unproductive. Get enough sleep so your entire body – from head to toe – feels rejuvenated and recharged, and you will have the energy you need to tackle the day with focus and gusto!


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