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4 Valuable Tips For Becoming A Great Online Tutor

The hyperconnected Digital Age has changed the way we do things, including the way we work.  The web has opened up a world full of opportunities where earning money and making an impact comes easy and can be done at anytime and from anywhere.

One of those incredible opportunities is online tutoring. With individuals from all around the world turning to the internet to acquire various skills and knowledge, this is a great time to become an online tutor. You’ll generally work closely with individuals to help them achieve their goals, big or small. Your “students” will not be limited to those who are currently in school, but also adults who need an extra boost of motivation in their field, or need to sharpen a certain skill. Whatever it is you’re helping “students” do, be sure to stick to a particular field to increase your level of expertise. Below are some tips to help you become a popular and competent online tutor on the TutorOcean platform.

Give learners your undivided attention

Private, 1-on-1 session is the main reason why “students” of all ages are turning to online tutoring. Their retention rate is very high because they get to ask questions and receive answers from an online tutor, like you, who gives them undivided attention. They are more comfortable in asking questions, and not as self-conscious as in a classroom situation. On top of that, you conduct sessions that are tailored to the unique requirements of each student. When these “students” learn in a comfortable environment, using methods that speak to them, they feel empowered and ready to take on any challenge. So, make sure to have a thorough conversation with your students before getting started to understand their learning styles, goals or expectations, strengths, and what they would like to improve on. Then, during online sessions, make it clear that you’re there for them, that no question is a “stupid question”, and that nothing is impossible to learn and conquer. 

Allow your students to learn at their own rhythm

This ties in with the previous point. It’s all about giving your students a personalized tutoring experience. Every student has a different rhythm of learning, so a “one-pace-fits-all approach” should not be employed. Some of your students might be outspoken and quick learners, whereas others might be introverts and would learn faster with passive learning methods. The key is to identify the rhythm of your student so that you can extract the best out of them.

Encourage both asynchronous and synchronous learning

First thing first, what are asynchronous learning and synchronous learning? Asynchronous learning occurs through online channels without real-time interaction. While synchronous is online or distance education that happens in real-time. Online tutors can promote both types of learning in the TutorOcean online classroom.

Asynchronous activities include giving your students worksheets to finish before the next session. These can be uploaded to the File Sharing tab in the TutorOcean online classroom. Or in the same tab, you can share a pre-recorded video of you giving them an exercise to work on or questions to think about before your next virtual meeting.

Synchronous learning happens, in fact, during your online tutoring sessions. It allows direct communication between you and your students, which is crucial when you need to discuss or brainstorm for a certain concept. You can even schedule quizzes and tests during online sessions, it will not only help test your students’ understanding of the material that they’re trying to learn, but it’s also a good chance to give real-time feedback in an exclusive environment where your students feel at ease.

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Teach through personal experiences

Study techniques that stem from personal experiences have proven to be the most helpful ones. Your students would feel that you’re “human” too, that you’ve made mistakes but you learned how to get back up and finally achieve your goals – and they can relate to you in one way or another. So, you should share personal learning techniques and experiences with your students. These can include mnemonics, mind maps, summarizing information, and more!

Online tutoring is rewarding because though you and your students are miles apart, you’re able to make a difference in their lives by helping them to achieve their goals. You might not ever meet in person, but the tutor-student bond is strong on the TutorOcean platform!

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