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Use These Tested And Proved Tutoring Strategies For Effective Learning

Hello tutors! Below is a list of tutoring techniques that you can use to work out the most effective way of helping a student understand a certain topic.

Make connections

Many students find it difficult to relate abstract concepts in certain difficult subjects, such as calculus and physics, to their own lives. And sometimes it’s simply because they find these subjects boring. As a tutor, you can encourage and help students make connections between the academic topics they’re learning and concrete examples from the real world/everyday life. Using a real-life connection into your lessons will dramatically reduce resistence from students because they no longer find the subjects they’re learning to be abstract and scary.

Nurture independence

Your students will come and go, but it’s a tremendous achievement if, by the time they *graduate* from your lessons, they’ve become independent learners and mastered critical thinking. Try incorporating more open questions into your lessons and point out illogical conclusions made by your student. Also, encourage them to voice their opinions on current global issues and/or historical events. Not only does this method nurture creative and profound thinkers, but it also boosts students’ self-confidence.

Pause and reflect

What is one way to be a good tutor? Allow your students to voice their opinions more than your own. About every 10-15 during your lessons, pause and give your students the chance to clarify, assimilate, and retain the information that was just taught.

Incorporate multi-media

Embrace videos and images. Visual and auditory aids always make a lesson fun and engaging. This makes it easy for your students to grasp the concept, retain knowledge, and stay interested in learning more.

To learn is to create it

Cultivating your students’ creativity will not only increase engagement, but also encourage them to absorb information in ways they feel most at ease. You’re simply training them to own their learning and stand out from the crowd.

You’re learning too

Grow with your students. Request feedback from your students regularly because it nurtures tutor-student relationship and helps you to improve your lessons, which in turn contributes to effective learning.

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