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How To Homeschool Your Kids During COVID-19 Lockdown

Don’t panic. Many parents around the world are in the same situation as you: re-learning basic algebra and why the sky is blue, while trying to incorporate fun activities such as indoor roller skating. Jokes (or not) aside, we have some helpful tips for parents about creating a productive and fun homeschooling routine for their children. 

Accept that you don’t have to do or know everything all the time

Amid this challenging time, parents are not expected to take the place of their children’s teacher. Sometimes, it’s best to recruit the help of a tutor. For some tutors, tailoring lessons to accommodate different learners and curricula is what they do as a full-time job. Parents should first communicate with their children’s teachers to find out where they left off in the curriculum if there is any homework, and other activities to keep their children engaged and staying sharp until school resumes. Then, parents can communicate with their children’s tutors and come up with a personalized lesson plan. It’s also wise to ask tutors to create a progress report, this will not only help monitor children’s growth but also motivate them as they see improvement every week. Find affordable and top-rated tutors on the TutorOcean platform and get help 24/7. 

Tweak their schedules 

Homeschool is just not school. Children are accustomed to the school environment, and hence they won’t be as focused. So, how can parents help their children to regain focus and be productive? Research suggests a simple rule for figuring out how long children can stay focused: Multiply the child’s age by 2-5 minutes. For example, if a child is 7 years old, he or she will be to able to focus for 14-35 minutes. To maximize productivity and minimize whining, parents should keep their children’s attention span in mind when creating a home study plan. In creating a plan, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a tutor. They have plenty of experience when it comes to keeping young children engaged.

Elementary age students: Because students in this age group have yet to develop executive functioning skills (i.e. planning and prioritizing self-monitoring), creating a predictable routine can help to keep them on track. And don’t forget to allow them to stay active during their breaks. It’s also a good idea for parents to read with their children on a regular basis.

Middle school age students: Children in this age group are just learning how to be independent and developing a more robust social life – which, today, is mostly maintained through online networks. Because they’re so accustomed to using digital platforms to connect, getting them an online tutor is a no-brainer when they need help with school work. 

High school age students: While teens may need less management than their younger peers, they may need more encouragement as well. Aside from checking in on how they’re doing with school work, parents should also check in on their mental health – making sure they’re staying connected with friends and family.

Let your children be part of the decision-making

When it comes to school work, children will still have to follow a mandated curriculum and lesson plan from their teachers. But when it comes to filling in the gaps during the day, parents should let their children have a say in what they would like to learn. Possibilities include math and chemistry through baking; botany through gardening; or learning about space and astrology at night through an app. 

Final note: accept your limits as a parent

Many parents with office jobs are working from home too. This means that they have to juggle their day-to-day responsibilities at work and homeschooling. So here’s an advice to all parents who are trying to navigate this situation: just do the best you can and have a little bit of fun along the way. 

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