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What Should My Child Be Learning at Home?

Bored kids, hassled parents, and losing track of which day it is during the week – this is what a lot of people are experiencing in lockdown. But there are also many fun and educational activities to do during this time. Numerous online learning portals have been with us all along but never seemed more relevant. TutorOcean’s online platform not only offers students of all ages an opportunity to keep up with their curricula but also a chance to learn a new skill and even get ahead with any new courses or subjects. We came up with some tips below to help your child to get the most out of home learning so they will be well-prepared when school resumes.

Close learning gaps

Learning gaps are the difference between what a student is expected to have learned by a certain grade level versus what they have actually learned up to that point. Hence, when a student starts to fall behind, it’s important that we address these gaps early on, and personalized tutoring is the most effective way! On the TutorOcean platform, tutors ensure that students’ academic gaps are filled by tailoring their lessons to their individual learning styles. Close the gaps today by connecting with tutors in the TutorOcean online classroom, while in the comfort and safety of your own home!

Get ahead

This is a good opportunity for your child to get ahead in school courses. They now have even more time because they no longer have to commute to and from school. Start by checking in with their teachers to get to know what they will be learning next semester or school year. Then search online for the textbooks or worksheets that they will be using. Next, hire a tutor on the TutorOcean platform, who would guide them to effectively manage their time and learn the new material. 

Try extra-curricular learning

Your child should have fun while learning at home. Why not mix in some extra-curricular activities that not only complement academic materials but would also help them develop new skills? These activities, when compatible and coherent with educational aims, may provide additional opportunities for your child to ‘shine’ and can increase motivation and a sense of belonging with the school that they might not otherwise have. From music (i.e. guitar, ukulele, piano) to learning Italian to yoga, the possibilities are endless on the TutorOcean platform!

Just have some fun!

This is an unsettling time and no one is expected to go through it stress-free. It’s very important that we put our children’s mental health and physical health first. The key is to create a well-structured schedule that’s productive yet fun, and relaxed enough to keep stress at bay. 

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