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TutorOcean Launches Initiative To Provide Student-Athletes With Academic Support

After the Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club (OFVC) approached TutorOcean with the idea of providing academic support for its athletes, an initiative to provide other sporting and social clubs with academic support was put into place.

The OFVC continuously raises the bar when it comes to athlete development and preparation for the next level. From its “AthleteB4Player” mentality to a multi-sport approach to training, to initiating mandatory concussion baseline testing for all competitive athletes, OFVC continues to lead the way with an academic excellence initiative for its student-athletes.

The OFVC has announced their sport-leading relationship with TutorOcean to tap into a global network of educators and tutors to support student-athletes at all levels, from K-12 through university.

The OFVC dedicates immense efforts in ensuring that their student-athletes finish their programs equipped with solid, all-round skills that will not only help them excel in volleyball but also other aspects in life. And of course, we all realize how important education is to establish a good future for any student.

Student-athletes can choose from a global pool of vetted tutors, who have different availability to cover the odd hours in the day or night to accommodate their busy training schedules. Through the TutorOcean online classroom, sessions can be conducted anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need to drive anywhere or leave the house.

At TutorOcean we look forward to helping more clubs and organizations get access to tutoring for their student-athletes. Contact to find out more information about how to start an academic support initiative for your club or organization.

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