We Value Academic Integrity

TutorOcean provides you access to a world of resources to learn and achieve your goals. Our mission is to empower people to share knowledge with those who are keen to learn. We kindly ask that all our users conduct themselves with academic integrity. We use the following definition of academic integrity: “a commitment to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage.” (International Center for Academic Integrity)


How We See Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is fundamental to our platform. We want to make one thing abundantly clear: we do not tolerate cheating on this platform. We often talk about getting great results like better marks on tests and assignments. We are talking about honest results. There are many ways that we can help students get the results they want. Requesting our tutors to write assignments for you is not a result you will get. Also you will not get tutors to write tests on your behalf. TutorOcean focuses on getting you resources. You can have your assignments reviewed. You can get constructive feedback. You can get unstuck in your practice questions and so much more. The bottom line is that getting another person to do the work for you does not fly in academia and it doesn’t fly here. Instead, we focus on personal growth. That is what you will get on this platform.

Our Tutors Can Help

A tutor can certainly help you get better grades in school and personal development. The way to do it is by discussion, practice, and learning. While you may submit your homework for review by a tutor, that does not mean your tutor will fill in the blanks. That would be cheating. Rather, the tutor looks at the work you have done, and suggests changes that would make your work even better. When tutor and students work together like this, learning happens. 

We empathize with students undergoing a difficult situation. Assignments are due, important lectures get missed, and they’re feeling left behind. This is actually the perfect time to get help. There are resources available for you. You can go to your professor’s office hours with your work in hand and get hints. You can talk to a fellow student and discuss the assignment. Even better, find a tutor on our platform who specializes in the course you are taking. That is why TutorOcean exists. Consistent practice over time will get you what you are looking for: results.

Our Tutors Can Help But Won’t Help You Cheat, So Don’t Even Ask

Our tutors are professionals in getting their students personal growth and tangible results. They also make a living off of it. Academic integrity means vigilance against any form of cheating.  That means, we will take any tutor off the platform, even if they are one of our best, if they help a student to cheat. One infraction brings severe consequences on their career. Cheating can come in many forms, but they can smell it. 

Our Tutor’s Know How To Help You Get The Results You Want. Trust Them.

Our tutors are professionals in getting their students personal growth and tangible results. They also make a living off of it.

In a way, getting results the honest way is also the easy way. You can sit back and relax when you finish your exam because you know you did the work and put in the time with your tutor. You will love the feeling of getting up in the morning, drinking a coffee and seeing A+ on your grades. That’s what you’ll get when you work with a good tutor over an extended time.

Regulation Of Our Standards When Cheating Happens Here Is What Happens 

Our tutors get trained to notify TutorOcean when a student asks them to be an accomplice to cheating. Likewise we ask students to notify us if tutors are willing to do all the work for them. If the student or tutor gets found our, then we will immediately notify them. Any form of cheating will get the user removed from our platform. If our team finds the both conspiring, then both will get removed from the platform.

Our Academic Integrity Guidelines



Chat for free with tutors and send them your course syllabus to discuss how they can help

Do not chat with a tutor while you are being evaluated on a test

Make repeating sessions every week to get personal growth

Do not expect to get instant results after a single session

Record your sessions with your tutors for future reference and review

Do not plagiarize by passing the tutors work for your own

Submit your completed assignments to your tutor for review and improvements

Do not submit blank assignments expecting your tutor to complete your work

Request practice questions, review past examples and previously covered topics

Do not request a tutor to take a test on your behalf online

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here.