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How To Properly Learn And Study At Home

With K-12 schools and higher education institutions moving classes more and more online – we listed some tips below to help students stay on track while learning and studying at home. 

Set up a dedicated space

It’s important that the space in which the student is studying is set up away from the noises and disruptions caused by the rest of the house. Try to find a quiet and well-lit corner. Also, make sure that there are enough flashcards, post-it notes, and supplies that the school would usually provide.

Keep distractions at bay

Though separated from their peers, students have so many apps that they can use to connect with friends instantly. While maintaining communication is good for their mental health, it can be a distraction and make them lose focus. Set some ground rules about using technology for chatting with friends during the day and find other ways to keep a positive outlook. 

Plan out the day

Without the routines and structure of the school day, motivation could slump and procrastination would likely take over. Set an at-home timetable (mimic the school’s timetable) that contains both study time and breaks. A quick walk or bike ride through the nearby park is a great way to breathe in some fresh air. Also, don’t forget to keep hydrated and snack on healthy foods. 

Mental health before everything

Many students are not used to be cooped up at home for the entire day (and for many days!), and having their parents work from home while constantly checking up on them. Keep a reasonable “distance”, find fun ways to bond with each other, go for a quick walk outside, and speak up when there is tension caused by confusion or misunderstanding. 

Access online learning resources

Here is a list of free online learning resources for students of all levels:

Online tutors are here to help

It’s worth finding an online tutor who can help students fill in any gaps in their knowledge. Plus, as students are learning online, virtual tutoring is just a click away! The TutorOcean online classroom has a video chat feature that mimics face-to-face conversations with a tutor. There is also an interactive whiteboard on the screen so students can upload documents, make notes, and collaborate with their tutor in real-time. Ultimately, a tutor can keep students on track and give them a much-needed boost of confidence in this challenging time. 

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