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How Do You Know If You Would Benefit From Online Tutoring? Read This Guide

Online tutoring could be a good way to help students accelerate their academic performance and boost their confidence. Below are six scenarios based on collected data and real experiences from different students who’d benefited from online tutoring.

You need last-minute help

Homework piles up quickly and often you run into difficult concepts that you can’t solve on your own. And to make things worse, it’s too late to ask the teacher for assistance or your parents (they’re busy with work) or your friends (they’re probably stuck on the same thing), and never mind about finding and booking an in-person tutor, because it’ll be too much of a hassle. But with online tutoring, you can quickly find a suitable and experienced tutor (who could be located anywhere in the world), solve subject-specific questions, at any time, from the comfort of your home (or wherever you prefer).

You’re a high school student who is struggling with a STEM course

High school STEM courses are popular ‘pain points’ for students. If you’ve ever fallen behind in class, you know how tough it is to catch up, especially if you’re left to figure things out alone. Plus, high marks in these courses could be a gateway to your desired university. The good news is, because a lot of students struggle with these types of courses, there are a lot of tutors who are available to help! These tutors are not only experienced, but they are also subject-matter experts because they’ve drilled down to the essentials that can help students quickly identify the source of their struggles and find viable solutions. 

You want to learn a new language

Learning a new language is exciting. But finding a tutor who’s a native speaker and knows how to teach is somewhat of a challenge. Still, today, as we’re connected more than ever, it only takes a few clicks on an online platform to connect with a foreign language tutor wherever you’re located in the world. Also, an experienced foreign language tutor not only has the ability to predict where you will struggle based on their native language, but they’re also able to incorporate immersive methods, and engaging content, such as pop culture, into their sessions.

You’re a homeschool student who’s looking for an alternative

Generally, as a homeschool student, you have a specific academic program and unique learning goals. However, you may run into situations where you can’t find local tutors who can come to your house or are specialized in the subject that you’re learning. Hence, online tutoring is the perfect solution, because you can tap into a larger pool of tutors with the right set of credentials and easily coordinate when you would like to have sessions. 

You’re looking to pass a certification exam

If you want to attend grad school, you’ll have to take the GMAT or GRE. If you want to attend law school, you’ll have to take the LSAT. And if you want to attain official designation as an accountant, you’ll have to pass the CPA exam. Overall, questions on these exams can be difficult for some. Although there are offline and online prep courses that you can access, it’s not as effective as customized lessons taught by an experienced tutor, especially if you don’t know where to start or you’re retaking the exam or need help diagnosing weaknesses. Exam prep tutors normally charge a high hourly rate and even more if they conduct in-person sessions (taking into account the extra costs such as commutes). Online exam prep tutors not only offer diagnostic tests and tailor sessions to fit your needs, but they also charge a more reasonable fee because online tutoring doesn’t induce extra costs. On top of that, online platforms that host these tutors conduct rigorous evaluations of their capabilities to ensure that they have a well-rounded mix of experience and personal success with the exam, and have authentic reviews from past students. 

You’re a working professional looking to advance your career

Whether you’re returning to school to obtain another diploma or finish the one you started, or you want to acquire a new skill, your objective is clear: ‘I want to advance my career.’ Tutoring can either help you as supplementary aid or as the ultimate method to help you achieve your goal. One reason why online tutoring is worthwhile is that today, a lot of things in the classroom have gone digital – assignments and assessments are completed and submitted entirely online. Hence, it would be a timesaver if they can get the help they need with just a few clicks. Another reason is that online tutoring provides you with flexibility and options. It’s likely that you have a busy life – a full-time job, family – and that your courses are self-paced, therefore, online tutoring is a great option because you can get help whenever you need (i.e. after work hours) and without a lot of hassle. 

Not only can tutors help you get better grades, but they can also help you get ahead and excel in your courses. Consult with a tutor today and get the help you need. Find a tutor today!

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