AI Tutor vs ChatGPT: Which AI Platform is Better for Education?

AI Tutor vs. ChatGPT: Which AI Platform is Better for Education?

Is AI Tutor or ChatGPT better for education?

While AI tools like ChatGPT can be powerful for finding information and brainstorming topics, their ability to provide personalized learning support is limited. Education-specific AI tools such as AI Tutor, are designed to help you learn the course concepts, test your knowledge, and ultimately get better grades. This blog post will compare AI Tutor and ChatGPT and how the two tools stack up for education.

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Who can benefit from using AI Tutor vs ChatGPT?

AI Tutor

AI Tutor is designed for students of all levels including elementary, middle, high school, and college. AI Tutor provides personalized learning support in subjects including math, science, language learning, writing, and more. Beyond answering your homework questions, AI Tutor is designed to help you understand theory and test your knowledge with sample questions and quizzes. It is built for people who want to understand a subject. 


ChatGPT, on the other hand, is a versatile AI tool designed for a wide array of needs for any age or skill level. While it can provide some educational support, it lacks the specific tailored guidance found in AI Tutor.

How much do AI tools cost?

AI Tutor vs ChatGPT pricing
AI Tutor vs ChatGPT pricing plans

AI Tutor

AI Tutor has various tiers of monthly subscriptions. There is a free version where you can get access to 10 AI messages per day, unlimited quizzes, and recommendations for live tutors. The essentials plan is just $9.99 per month and gets you unlimited messages per day. For $19.99, you also get 10% off human tutoring fees – combining the best of both live online tutoring and the 24/7 support from AI Tutor.


ChatGPT offers two monthly subscription options. The free plan gives you access to the text-only chat bot. The Plus plan gives you access to chat with images, voice, and image creation for $20 per month.

Feature Comparison of AI Tutor and ChatGPT

AI Tutor vs ChatGPT Features

Homework Help

Both AI Tutor and ChatGPT offer homework help by providing explanations of concepts, examples, and step-by-step solutions.

AI Tutor also suggests prompts to help you get started so you don’t have to come up with the questions yourself. AI Tutor’s responses are typically longer than ChatGPTs as they are designed to help you understand the concept rather than just receive an answer.

Ai Tutor explains the answer to 2+2
AI Tutor gives you an explanation of how to solve a problem, rather than just giving you the answer.
ChatGPT answers 2+2
ChatGPT gives you the answer without an explanation of how to solve it yourself.

Tutoring Assistance

AI Tutor acts as a virtual tutor as it is designed to provide you with personalized explanations tailored to your level of understanding of any subject. It can help break down complex subjects into smaller pieces of information, making it easier for you to grasp the learning material. It also provides prompts for follow-up questions to deepen your understanding.

While ChatGPT certainly has the capability to do this, it is more self-directed. You need to know what you need help with in order to find the solution as you are not provided with prompts


AI Tutor prompt for follow-up questions
AI Tutor provides suggestions for questions you might want to ask to help deepen your understanding.

Language Learning

Both AI Tutor and ChatGPT can help you learn a new language by having conversations, helping with pronunciation, and offering vocabulary and grammar explanations. Because of the chat-based nature of the tools, they can both simulate real-life language scenarios, allowing you to practice and improve your communication skills in any language. With AI Tutor, you can also click on any word you don’t know, and an integrated dictionary will appear, giving you the definition and the audio pronunciation of specific words.

AI Tutor integrated dictionary
AI Tutor's integrated dictionary lets you see the definition and pronunciation of every word.

Writing Support

For writing assignments or essays, both AI Tutor and ChatGPT can help you brainstorm topic ideas, create essay outlines, and make grammatical and style recommendations. However, AI Tutor has a more advanced essay writing feature that allows you to build an outline from scratch, brainstorm topics and key points, and edit and review existing essays for style or grammatical errors.

AI Tutor Essay Writing
AI Tutor's essay writing feature

Interactive Quizzes

ChatGPT can create practice questions for you in a text based format, whereas AI Tutor has an interactive quiz tool where you can select the subject and level of difficulty and it will generate quizzes, grade you, and provide explanations to help you find out where you can improve.

AI Tutor interactive quiz for high school biology
AI Tutor's report for the high school biology quiz indicates where to spend more time studying

Integration with 1:1 Human Tutoring

With an AI Tutor account, you also get access to Tutor Ocean’s marketplace of professional, vetted tutors. With thousands of tutors available in almost every subject, AI Tutor can suggest the right tutor for your individual needs so you can get hands-on support when you want it.

ChatGPT is purely an AI tool, and therefore doesn’t connect with a human tutoring service.

AI Tutor provides recommendations for human tutors
AI Tutor recommends top tutors from TutorOcean and you can message them directly to set up a tutoring session.

Personalized Learning

AI Tutor adapts to each student’s individual needs, learning patterns, and preferences. By considering previous interactions, it tailors the learning experience to target specific areas where students may be struggling, providing customized lessons and recommendations. 

The AI Tutor Lesson Plan feature allows you to build a personalized study plan depending on your level of expertise in the subject and the amount of time you have to study. Complete with theory explanations, sample problems, practice quizzes, and contextual chat, Lesson Plans can effectively help students prepare for their exams.

AI Tutor Lesson Plan - Calculus
AI Tutor lesson plan for high school physics based on student's desired length and frequency of study

TL;DR: Is AI Tutor or ChatGPT a better tool for learning?

AI Tutor and ChatGPT are both powerful AI tools for education. AI Tutor specializes in providing personalized guidance and feedback to students of any age, helping them improve their knowledge in any subject, complete their homework, and prepare for exams. On the other hand, ChatGPT serves as a versatile tool that can help you by providing information and explanations. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your specific needs and preference, as well as the level of personalized educational support you need. 

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