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TutorOcean EdTech Platform | A turnkey solution for increasing student engagement

Today, innovative technology is transforming many aspects of the education domain. TutorOcean EdTech has created a comprehensive user-friendly software that enables university and college administrators to efficiently and effectively manage their student support programs, as well as making it easy for students and tutors to schedule and meet in a private and secure online classroom. 

Free trial and detailed consultation

We offer a free trial to institutions so that they can test-drive our platform and experience the benefits first-hand before making any commitment. Dedicated consultation sessions are also set up so our account managers can make sure whether or not our platform is the right fit for prospective customers. 

Continuous, responsive customer support 

Our Customer Success team is committed to helping institutions maximize their use of our platform. From live onboarding sessions and daily webinars to ongoing support and feature enhancements, we make sure that administrators have a frictionless user experience, allowing them to focus on helping their students succeed. 

Easy, simple student registration and tutor vetting

Both students and tutors can self-register (create their profiles) on the platform without any assistance, saving substantial time and effort for administrators. To reduce staff workload demands even more, tutors upload proof of qualifications (e.g. transcript and tutor training certificates) along with their application, so program coordinators can easily vet and quickly certify their request to be a tutor.

A focus on cybersecurity and data privacy

At TutorOcean EdTech, we make data security a top priority. The platform can easily manage multiple student support programs, and more importantly, it can be securely integrated with Canadian-based or U.S.-based servers. Institutions have complete data ownership and we do not claim rights to any data. We do not allow advertisements on our platform and user data is never shared with third parties.

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Insightful analytics about student engagement 

On the platform, program coordinators can see customized and extensive dashboards that help them to assess student engagement based on both quantitative and qualitative data. With data in hand, faculty can better plan for subsidies, budgets, training, and more to scale their program as needed. 

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Collaborative online classroom 

Students can connect with peer-tutors in a secure online classroom that’s integrated with the platform. Built on the latest cloud-based technologies, there is no limit to the number of online classroom sessions making scalability easy. Should external factors cause disruptions to in-person sessions, students, peer-tutors, and professors can effortlessly switch to meeting in the online classroom.

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Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) saw a 67% increase in online sessions from the 2019-2020 Fall term to the Winter term. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced many schools to temporarily halt their on-campus classes, 100% of the tutoring sessions at KPU were conducted in the online classroom until the end of the school year.

Out of all tutoring sessions at Sheridan College, 0% were conducted in the online classroom during the 2019-2020 Fall term, but that number increased to 4.3% during the Winter term. When COVID-19 hit, 76% of the sessions were delivered through the online classroom.

The TutorOcean EdTech platform is a turnkey solution that bridges the gap between students and academic support while unifying all tools for administrators.

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TutorOcean EdTech provides departmental and support-centre administrators at post-secondary institutions with all the tools they need to effortlessly manage their institution’s academic support programs. A single easy-to-use administrative dashboard handles all the logistics of resource vetting and onboarding, scheduling and attendance, payment processing, and data and analytics.