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Online Tutoring Is A Lifesaver For Busy Parents

Living in a fast-paced and densely populated city is not easy. And it’s certainly a challenge when you’re a mom – juggling work and taking care of family. Me, my husband, and our ten year-old daughter live in Beijing, China, and things are very dynamic and hectic here!

If you didn’t know already, it’s a highly competitive environment here in Beijing. My daughter, Angie*, spends her weekends and some weeknights doing tutoring for subjects such as math, science, and English. But with the nightmare traffic in Beijing and limited time on my hand – takes me two and a half hours to take my daughter to class and wait! – I’ve decided to look into online tutoring. My friends recommended that I try TutorOcean, because they have a great selection of qualified foreign tutors and their rates are affordable. Also, I prefer to hire tutors from North America or the U.K., because they have excellent pronunciation and lively teaching styles. Plus, I want my daughter to become a global-minded person, be able to study abroad in the future, and have more job opportunities.

We connected with an experienced English tutor, Isabel D., from London, England, and she is phenomenal! Not only is her hourly rate reasonable, but she’s also really good at what she does – she managed to pinpoint my daughter’s learning style and where she needs improvement during our initial online meeting. Since then, she and Angie have had over 45 sessions on a weekly basis, and there’s more to come! Isabel has a great curriculum and she always explains the materials clearly and precisely. Not only is Angie excited to learn English with Isabel, but she is becoming more and more confident with her speaking, reading, and writing abilities. And she’s seeing huge improvement in grades at school. Angie is very happy because she’s at the top of her class now!

TutorOcean is a great platform because it bridges the gap between in-demand private tutors with parents and students, who are miles away from each other. Its expert tutors encourage children to enjoy 1-on-1 tutoring independently and acquire study skills that help them succeed both at school and later at work. And it’s such a lifesaver for parents, because online sessions eliminate the hassle of long commutes and are cost-effective.

*Daughter’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

It’s easy to find a suitable tutor for your child!

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I'm a mom using the TutorOcean platform to connect my daughter with online tutors. Online tutoring is truly a lifesaver for busy parents because it eliminates commutes and is cost-effective.