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Students turn to tutoring marketplace for education support

Ottawa, Canada – May 15th, 2020 – TutorOcean, a leading global tutoring platform, announced today that new user signups have grown by 100% during the impact of COVID-19. TutorOcean is powering a global knowledge-sharing movement, with those who want to learn more. The TutorOcean virtual classroom platform enables one-on-one or one-to-many, real-time interactive video-based learning sessions with a shareable whiteboard.

“TutorOcean is driven to remove technical barriers and democratize knowledge-sharing, to enable tutoring as a global force for good,” said Will Li, Co-Founder and CEO of TutorOcean.  “Access to education and knowledge is critical to developing our next generation of talent that will hopefully solve our greatest challenges such as new cures for pandemics like today. Schools may be closed but education support continues for students by moving online.”  

Government offers tutoring support during COVID-19
On May 3rd, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that parents will receive an extra $300 per child through the Canada Child Benefit program to spend on tutoring.  This multi-million dollar investment showcases how important tutoring is in supplementing the regular educational program especially in times of isolation caused by COVID-19. 

As a Canadian company operating globally, TutorOcean (available in English and French) is uniquely positioned to support this initiative. TutorOcean can offer its users expertise of tutors from all over Canada and around the world to meet the supplementary educational needs of Canadian children. In addition, TutorOcean also offers opportunities for all Canadians who want to tutor either as a volunteer or as an additional revenue source to supplement wages lost due to COVID-19.

“I think COVID-19 could make people realize that online work is so great in many ways’ flexibility, cost, and availability also health concerns at this time. I have more students after university closure due to pandemic.  My student requests have increased a lot. If I stay online, I can tutor morning to midnight but that will be so exhausting.” – Reza G., Tutor on TutorOcean

TutorOcean Marketplace

As one of the fastest-growing global directories of tutors, students can find educators on a wide range of subjects, curriculums, levels, and budgets. Since our tutors are located in Canada and around the world, their availability can cover almost all hours of the day. Students can easily find help anytime and anywhere, conveniently and safely from their computers at home.

For parents, TutorOcean offers two industry-leading features to help keep their children safe.  TutorOcean vets all their tutors and there is a video record feature to monitor and review any tutoring session. Go here to learn more:

TutorOcean for Higher-Ed

This announcement follows TutorOcean’s previous offer of a FREE Online Peer-Led Tutoring Platform for universities and colleges. Academic services teams can continue their student support programs even though physical classrooms are shut down. More details can be found here about QuadC:

Driving a New Economy

Knowledge sharing is as old as humanity itself. TutorOcean is powering a global movement of connectivity that was previously not possible. When new income streams are needed more than ever, all knowledge sharers are encouraged to try out TutorOcean’s platform. 

With TutorOcean’s offerings, anyone, anywhere can start tutoring and make an impact on a student today. Simply create your free profile, set your own rates and decide when you want to tutor. All the tools you need are in one platform, and the TutorOcean support team can help you at every step along the way. Get started here:

“As a result of COVID-19, I have had an increase in students, also because there is more flexibility for booking sessions during the day, which isn’t restricted by other jobs that I usually would have had. The only new students I have gained have come from within TutorOcean. What a wonderful platform.” – Michaela K., Tutor on TutorOcean

About TutorOcean

TutorOcean is on a mission to empower anyone who wants to share their knowledge with those who are keen to learn, wherever they are in the world. Through TutorOcean’s global marketplace, peer-led tutoring platform and virtual classrooms, tutoring has never been easier. TutorOcean is a place where connections are made instantly, knowledge is shared and a community is born without any geographical boundaries. What are you going to learn or teach today?

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