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Coronavirus | Its impact on learning at colleges and universities

Like many of you, we are closely watching developments concerning the COVID-19 virus epidemic. More and more communities are advised to limit direct social interaction, which risks impacting educational institutions around the world. Many students are wondering what will happen to their studies in the next few months, given that access to learning and tutoring support remains uncertain. 

How TutorOcean can help
TutorOcean’s comprehensive peer tutoring platform provides access to learning support with its easy-to-use on-line classroom and tutor management dashboard. Students and tutors can connect and interact anytime and anywhere while administrators can oversee the entire process.

Free services until the end of the semester
We know that budget cycles can limit your ability to adopt effective technology on a timely basis. To help, we will provide your institution with free use of our platform to enable your students and peer tutors to continue to meet and provide learning support.

Setting it up
Please call us  at 1-888-568-8867 or email partners@tutorocean.com. We will provide you with the access credentials and have you ready to go in less than 24 hours. The platform will be yours to use until the end of the semester. We know that peer tutoring is a vital component of many students’ success. This is why we are here to help.

Stay healthy!


Will Li, CEO
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TutorOcean EdTech provides departmental and support-centre administrators at post-secondary institutions with all the tools they need to effortlessly manage their institution’s academic support programs. A single easy-to-use administrative dashboard handles all the logistics of resource vetting and onboarding, scheduling and attendance, payment processing, and data and analytics.