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Moving Halfway Across The World Was Exciting But Tough. Luckily, Tutors Helped Me Ease Into My New Life.

Moving abroad for school and work can be daunting. But I wanted to expand my horizons, so I recently decided to immigrate from Sweden to Australia. I was very lucky to get accepted to a university in Sydney and land a part-time job. Although it’s an exciting time, there are certainly many obstacles that I need to overcome in order to stay in Australia for the long term. And the most crucial ones are improving my overall English proficiency and getting good grades in university (I’m in Civil Engineering, and there are a lot of tough courses!). I knew I needed to get help from tutors outside of class. Tutoring is new to me and naturally I had a lot of questions, so I searched on Google. And while I was browsing, I read many good reviews about TutorOcean and this is why I decided to give it a try.

To my surprise, there is a huge selection of experienced tutors, from all around the world, working on the platform who specialize in various subjects, at different levels. And choosing a suitable tutor is actually not complicated! I simply used filters to narrow down my search to find the right fit based on reviews and hourly rates. Then, communicating with the selected tutors was easy as well. I explained to them what I need help with, what the expectations are like at school, what my objectives were, and more. Once we’ve agreed to a personalized study plan, the tutors conducted sessions in the TutorOcean online classroom. It’s brilliant! This is because meeting in a virtual space saves us a lot of time and hassle (no more long commutes!), and my schedule is cramped due to school and work, so I prefer to take sessions wherever I am and between classes, which is a very effective use of time! There are really no complaints about the online classroom – the audio and video is so clear, it feels like you and your tutor are in the same room; the shared whiteboard lets us graph functions, write complex equations, and share files, making it easy for us to tackle STEM courses.

My experience on TutorOcean is very unique, because so far I’ve had 30 sessions with 3 different tutors, who live in 3 different continents, for 4 different subjects! And one of the tutors had even tutored students from Sweden, what a coincidence! They’re all very knowledgeable in their fields and able to make difficult concepts easy to understand. They dedicate a lot of effort in getting to know me – like how I learn, my strengths and weaknesses – and tailor our sessions in ways that make me feel at ease while retaining a lot of useful information.

I’m taking sessions for different subjects on a weekly basis and I’m definitely seeing significant improvement in my grades and feeling a lot more optimistic about my future here in Australia. I took a leap of faith, but TutorOcean and its tutors did not disappoint me. They’re helping immigrants, like me, ease into their new lives, wherever they are!

It’s easy to find a suitable tutor, here’s how!

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I'm a university student using TutorOcean to connect with tutors who can help me adapt to a new environment and stay on track with my courses.