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Tutoring Is A Surprisingly Lucrative Business

During my MBA program, I took the advice of a friend to start tutoring because I’d helped him understand certain difficult concepts, and he was convinced that I could help other students to succeed as well. So I tutored here and there until I finished my program. To my surprise, I made quite a bit of money and it helped to pay for my tuition! At the same time, I realized that most of the tutoring services available to students who are applying to grad school really weren’t very useful.  So, I decided to get serious and offer my own. Besides, when I graduated, jobs were scarce and wages were miserably low. Once I got going, I realized that I was earning a lot more money than my peers, so why wouldn’t I jump in wholeheartedly?

I realized that many students, who are certainly capable of being accepted into grad school, lacked the right guidance from someone who’s been there and done that. From submitting an outstanding application to scoring top marks on the exam to acing the interview, I act as a guide to help students conquer each stage of the journey.

From the beginning, all of my sessions were conducted online (and still are), using a mash-up of Skype, Dropbox, and a whiteboard application. Of course, I had to coordinate payments with students and manage my own bookkeeping. As my business expanded, all of this became a hassle. Payments were late or didn’t come through at all, some students did not respect policies regarding attendance and last-minute cancellation, and it was harder and harder to coordinate our schedules.

This is when TutorOcean reached out to me and I discovered that their platform offered all the tools that would solve my problems and enable me to continue to scale up.

TutorOcean’s cloud-based service has a streamlined process that helps me to run my tutoring business more efficiently. From messaging with students to booking sessions to receiving payments, the platform has a simplified workflow that minimizes disruptions that occur at each stage and maximizes my productivity. So now, I can concentrate on doing what I love – helping students to learn. And my tutoring is offered exclusively online through the TutorOcean virtual classroom, which I believe is just as effective as in-person sessions. Plus, it saves me time and eliminates the hassle of commuting. The classroom is seamlessly integrated with real-time video chat and collaborative tools, which are very easy to use. And indeed makes me and my students feel like there’s zero distance between us, and without a doubt great synergy as well. TutorOcean has transformed the opportunity around tutoring and empowered me to help students across Canada to reach their goals. What’s more is that I can prepare for sessions ahead of time by uploading necessary files to classrooms that my students and I share exclusively. During our sessions, we’re able to work together on practice questions and I can share my screen so students can access resources that are not readily available on their end. Gone are the days where I had to have multiple disconnected applications opened in order to conduct a tutoring session, which was very distracting and inconvenient, to say the least.

And what’s one of the coolest things in running an online tutoring business? Wearing a dress shirt and sweatpants! It’s the perfect balance between professionalism and comfort.

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Karim A.
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I have thousands of hours of experience teaching the GMAT and LSAT. By focusing my efforts entirely on analyzing and teaching these two tests, I have become extremely proficient in teaching students of varying skill levels. My affinity for mathematics, love of logic, and passion for teaching make me an effective tutor that can help you reach your goals!

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