5 Tips for Mastering GMAT Reading Comprehension

Daily reading is a vital component of your GMAT study schedule and if you’ve been keeping up with our blogs then you know to read material that is both dense and grammatically sound. Here’s how you should be reading:

#1: Don't Skim

If you’re reading for leisure then skimming is acceptable since it won’t impede your enjoyment of the text. On the other hand, if you’re studying for the GMAT then you must not skim because it will hinder your ability to comprehend the passages!

#2: Be Engaged

Approach each article with genuine interest! Do you want to read 300 words of the proliferation of extinction events during the Mesozoic era? Of course, you do!

#3: If you Don't Understand a Sentence, Don't Move on

It’s easy to ignore things you don’t understand. Don’t take the easy way out! Invest the time to fully understand each article you read.

#4: Read for Structure

As you move from paragraph to paragraph, ask yourself “what role does this paragraph play in the passage and how does it relate to the text that precedes it?” Understanding the geography of a passage is absolutely vital on the GMAT.

#5: Be on the Lookout for the Author's Opinion

The GMAT commonly tests your understanding of the authors opinion. We want to be on high alert for claims, conjunctures, or opinions that are made sans attribution. For example, the first tip given in this article is “Don’t Skim” and it is made without attribution. I have not said “GMAT advises test takers against skimming reading comprehension passages.” It is therefore correct to assume that it is my opinion, as the author, that you should stop skimming! The moral of the story is that if the author does not attribute an opinion to someone else then it is the author’s opinion!

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