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School Was Boring. So I Hired A Tutor To Accelerate My Studies.

Competition to get into a top-ranked university is getting tougher. I’m an honour roll student going into grade 11 and I’m really good at math. I’ve been tested outside of school and scored in the top 3% worldwide. Simply being great at math isn’t enough to get me accepted into a top engineering program, so I started looking for a tutor to help boost my other grades. I decided to get a head-start on course materials for grade 11 Math, Chemistry, and Physics over summer vacation, but I wasn’t able to find a tutor I liked around my area. I found TutorOcean on Instagram, and that’s how I met my tutor, Adam. He lives halfway across the country and we do all of our sessions using TutorOcean’s online classroom.

I’ve had tutors before. In elementary school, I had a private tutor for French and went to an after-school program for writing. Since I started high school, Math and Science have been too easy, and I get bored.

On the TutorOcean platform, I was able to look at many different profiles from tutors around the world. Once my dad gave me a price range, I narrowed down my search and connected with Adam. I told him that I wanted to get ahead in the coming school year in Math, Chemistry, and Physics over the summer. He came up with an “acceleration study plan” that he said would be challenging. It was definitely challenging, but I really liked it. Adam is smart and fun at the same time. I don’t get bored working with him at all and I don’t have to get my dad to drive me anywhere.

We are going to keep working together once school starts for sure!

It’s easy to find a suitable tutor, here’s how!

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I'm a high school student using TutorOcean to connect with tutors who can give me a challenge and a study plan to get ahead!