How to Find the Best GMAT Resources

The study material that you decide to use will impact your score on test day which will in turn impact your admissions outcomes and scholarships! Here’s the material that we recommend:


Self-awareness and honesty are paramount; there is absolutely no shame in going back to the basics and relearning multiplication tables, long division, and exponent rules! When students receive Quantitative scores below 32 on their first diagnostic, it is often the case that they have gaps in their foundational knowledge. In order to address these gaps, we recommend revisiting the middle school mathematics curriculum.


The Manhattan Guide and the Official GMAT Guide are an absolute must. This requires no justification.


This applies only to students who want to score 720+ and are already scoring at least 680 on their diagnostics. After completing the Manhattan Guides and blazing through the hundreds of questions in the Official Guide, top test takers are typically on the prowl for a large supply of very hard problems. You can find your fix by purchasing practice tests from You’re welcome.


Buy a tutoring package! There are some really great textbooks and videos out there for GMAT prep but the reality is that textbooks can’t answer your questions in the same way that a live tutor can! All test takers have questions and it pays to get expert advice from one of our professional tutors!

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