5 Great Sites for Practice Tests

Here are some tips on where to find computer-adaptive tests (“CATs”) for the GMAT, both free and paid. Note that it is a terrible idea to redo tests because the questions will repeat.

Important note: It is important to conduct a thorough review of each test after you’ve completed it. If, after your review, you still have questions about the test, then we recommend booking a session with one of our tutors.

#1: GMAC

If you register for a free account on mba.com then you’ll be given access to two free CATs. These CATs were designed by the folks who administer the test and so you should expect that they’ll be a fair representation of the actual GMAT. Unfortunately, the test software does not contain solutions; but, you can find the solutions on GMATClub’s forums if you google the questions.

#2: Manhattan

You can complete one test for free and you can purchase 5 more for $49. These are high-quality tests and they are a little harder than the real GMAT.

#3: Veritas

You can complete one test for free and you can purchase 6 more for $49.

#4: Economist

Their free trial includes one CAT. Payment information is not required to sign up for the free trial.

#5: GMATClub

GMATClub offers two free CATs and you can purchase many more. These tests are very hard and if you’re not aiming for 720+ then don’t bother.

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