How to Make an Error Log

As part of any good study plan, you should be completing and reviewing practice tests on a weekly basis, starting with the first week of your studying! It is absolutely vital that you complete a thorough review of each test to ensure that you learn from your mistakes – this entails keeping track of what you got wrong and reviewing those questions on a regular basis. We learn through repetition and so it’s not enough to simply look at the question once! As part of the process, you should keep an error log consisting of the following 4 columns:

Question Location

For each question that you answered incorrectly, record the exact location of the question so that you can find it later. You may decide to use the naming convention depicted in the following example: “VPPT1Q3”

  • VP = VeritasPrep
  • PT1 = Practice Test 1
  • Q = Quant
  • 3 = Question 3

Question Category

Be as specific as possible. For example, “Number Properties” is quite general, “Primes” is better, but “Prime Factorization” would be the best! Also, be sure to record the question type: RC, SC, CR, DS, or PS.

Key Takeaway

Be explicit about what you learned after reviewing the question (i.e. rule, process, formula, etc..). What will you do differently next time you see a similar question?

Review Date

Review when will you revisit the question? We learn through repetition and so you must revisit questions that you answered incorrectly. You may need to revisit each question several times before the concepts fully sink in. If the question doesn’t go smoothly upon the second review, review it again after 2-5 days.

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