3 Characteristics That Are Conductive to GMAT Success

The GMAT does not measure your intelligence, nor does it measure your worth. Most people work quite hard to achieve good scores and few people consider themselves stupid. While intelligence is not a determinant of success, these 3 characteristics are:

1. Grit

Are you someone who never gives up? Will you do what it takes to stick to your study plan? How resilient are you?

#2: Control

Bruce Wayne has no control over his schedule. If the bat signal is visible in the night skies of Gotham, he immediately springs into action. How much control do you have over your schedule? Are you able to set aside uninterrupted study time?

#3: Saying "NO"

I once tutored an executive whom I met with during business hours, yet our sessions were never interrupted. Are you able and willing to say “NO” at times when you need to study?

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