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How You Can (re)Create Unique Learning Experiences With Students On TutorOcean

I used to teach Chinese in a traditional school setting in China. In other words, in front of a room full of young children who are curious and full of energy. Face-to-face interaction, coupled with multimedia teaching aids, were a big part of my daily routine with my students then.

When I moved to Canada, I had to leave behind the familiar teaching environment along with the lovely youngsters who filled my day with joy and laughter. It wasn’t an easy decision for me and of course, endless requests poured in from parents and students, asking me to stay. In the end, with much regret, I still made the move. However, in spite of the distance, I decided to give online teaching a try. I wanted to reconnect with students, rekindle our bond and continue to spark joy in my students when they’re learning Chinese. At the time, the only programs with video chat were Google Hangout and WeChat. These enabled me to conduct basic lessons with my students bridging distance and time zone differences.

Over time, by coincidence, I discovered TutorOcean. I learned that I can recreate the unique, rich experiences I had with my students when we were together in person using TutorOcean’s online classroom. Of course, I immediately jumped on board!

I was impressed by the real-time, interactive whiteboard; it was intuitive and provided many tools to facilitate productive sessions. My students preferred this new method of teaching and enjoyed using the online classroom immensely. For example, while we are collaborating on the whiteboard, my students and I can also talk to each other through highly-quality video chat. As all the tools are in one tab, we no longer have to toggle between multiple different programs or tabs when we used Google Hangout and WeChat. In addition, the screen sharing feature allows me to easily incorporate any program or material readily available on my computer. This saved me a lot of time and hassle. As a result, we could stay strictly focused on the session. In fact, my students and I find that we are more productive using TutorOcean because I’m able to stay on track with my lesson plan easier and better retain the attention of my students.

Last but not least, all my students tell me that they no longer need to buy expensive textbooks because I upload and share my resources directly with them during our exclusive online TutorOcean sessions. They simply need to bring their curious hearts and desire to learn to “class”.

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I have over 27 years of experience as a professional Chinese tutor and more than 10 years of tutoring experience in Canada. My lessons use tailored teaching materials, personalized for each of my student's needs.