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What I Learned From Online Tutoring

Many people are given the opportunity to teach, but not everyone is given the chance to teach students of all ages and around the world. I have been fortunate enough to teach English, in classroom settings, to students of ages ranging from 3 to 93 and from countries including Germany, France, Mexico, and South Korea, just to name a few. With such a diverse group of students, not only am I able to help my students work towards their goals, but also I find that they teach me valuable lessons too, about different cultures, abilities, and perspectives. I always let them know that it’s more than an average teacher-student relationship that we’re building, instead, I’m a friend for life who they count on. Even to this day, I am still in contact with my former students and always look forward to their future accomplishments and endeavors!

I no longer teach in a traditional classroom, but I was looking for ways to continue my passion for teaching. Tutoring was the first thing that came to my mind, so I decided to give it a try. The experience was certainly rewarding – personalizing my tutoring for each student, as everyone learns differently, and seeing them overcoming obstacles and reaching new heights. However, I often have to travel to meet with my students – in a populous and hectic area in the United States – Oakland, California, otherwise known as the Bay Area – and the daily commute, which is very long and frustrating, started to take a toll on my well-being and that of my students. As a result, we couldn’t maintain our focus during our sessions and productivity dramatically dropped. I knew then I had to find a new way to offer remote tutoring to my students, but still retain the quality of in-person sessions.

As soon as I started my search I came across TutorOcean. The process of creating a tutor account and submitting my application was simple and straightforward. I was surprised at how quickly and patiently the Customer Success team responded to my questions. And trust me, I had a lot of questions because I wanted to make sure that my tutor profile is well-presented and I’m able to conduct effective sessions. It was also easy to get my existing students onboard and even reach new ones, who live in the neighbouring areas or abroad.

Although I was not sure in the beginning if I would be able to connect with my students the same way I do in a physical classroom, I never had any problems on TutorOcean. First, the video connection is smooth and the audio quality is crisp and clear, which guarantees that my teaching is delivered properly and effectively. Next, the many ways to teach from the whiteboard to editing written text right within the text editor to sharing files make teaching in the online classroom an absolute joy and more than that, a great alternative to doing so in a traditional setting. Overall, my students and I can focus on what’s important, while forgetting that we’re in fact interacting in a virtual space and located miles away from each other.

Having gotten a glimpse of what it is like to be my own boss and work from home when and how I want made me even more passionate about continuing to reach more students on TutorOcean and I can only recommend this lifestyle that from my experience is unique to this platform to anybody else. Aside from allowing me to earn extra income, TutorOcean has inspired me to take a new direction in life, to become more independent and to do so in true 21st century fashion.

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Patrick P.
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I have been working in the English and ESL world for over 20 years, which has been a huge influence on my life and for all of my students worldwide. My lessons are student-centered, so you get as many opportunities to speak as possible. Thanks to my vast international experience I feel confident that I can connect with anyone from any place in the world without any problems and will always adapt to your pace, level and expectations.