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Getting A STEM Tutor Was The Best Decision I Made In High School

My fellow high school seniors will agree with me on this, our high school journey has been a marathon, and grade 12 is an all-out sprint towards the finish line. To build on what we’ve accomplished in grade 9, 10, and 11, our final year has been stacked with impressive classes, and of course, solid good grades. For me, it’s been conquering math and programming courses in hopes of getting into a top computer science program at university. However, in the past several years, not only have computer science programs become extremely competitive, related courses in high school have also incorporated more difficult concepts. Finding and narrowing down on useful resources consumed most of my time and I couldn’t focus on other courses. So I started to look for help. I found out that several of my classmates had hired tutors and their grades have improved dramatically, on top of that, they have been getting a head-start on first-year university courses. After asking a few of my friends for a reference, I decided to go with a tutor on TutorOcean based on his detailed description of his specific expertise in high school level math and programming. 

I was quickly matched up with a tutor (who is local) who can help me in both grade 12 data management and Java. Though we live in the same city, commute is a nightmare – whether it’s my parents giving me a ride or taking the bus – a lot of time and energy is wasted even before the tutoring sessions take place. But through the TutorOcean online classroom, my tutor and I can carry on with our sessions like how we would do in person, all the while without having to spare more time or money. 

During our initial online session, he understood my pains right away because he went through the same curriculum and process of applying to a computer science program not too long ago. On top of helping me to grasp difficult concepts, he provided me with extra materials that reinforced my comprehension, invested time to help me complete projects and study for tests. Now, math and Java are no longer tough subjects because he’s taught me how to learn using a new perspective and study by applying new methods.

To boost my final push for university application, my tutor and I have worked out two sessions per week on a regular basis. As the booking and payment processes are automated, we can stay on track and focus on accelerating my learning. 

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