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    What makes TutorOcean different

    TutorOcean’s services and the features of its virtual learning platform have been developed
    in direct response to user feedback from the consumer, education and B2B markets.

    TutorOcean’s interactive online learning environments, complete with a unique white-board
    feature, file sharing, and recording and archive capabilities, empower tutor and student alike
    to enjoy a level of one-on-one engagement previously only possible with a face-to-face

    This is coupled with a comprehensive administrative backend designed to function as a
    single pane of glass: Individual tutors, tutoring businesses and academic administrators at
    colleges and universities all find it easy and intuitive to manage all aspects of delivering a
    tutoring service from a single platform.

    The TutorOcean platform also has the power to scale, to support virtual classroom
    environments of up to 10. Capacity to deliver one-to-many online learning for groups larger
    than 10 is in development.

    Where TutorOcean helps post-secondary institutions

    TutorOcean provides departmental and support-centre administrators with all the tools they
    need to effortlessly manage their institution’s peer-supported academic programs. A single
    easy-to-use administrative dashboard handles all the logistics of tutor vetting and
    onboarding, scheduling and attendance, payment processing, and data and analytics.

    The platform also serves as an instant messaging service between student and tutor and
    monitors their interactions. Administrators can track progress, review session feedback, and
    ensure standards for academic quality and integrity are being met.

    How TutorOcean works with tutoring businesses

    TutorOcean’s learning management platform can also be private labelled to help a tutoring
    business grow market share by delivering a superior user experience. Tutoring businesses
    can use TutorOcean to make it easy for that perfect match to be made between student and
    tutor based on subject matter, expertise and satisfaction ratings. Full data analytics deliver
    the business insights for improved decision making.

    With TutorOcean, tutoring businesses have the tools to streamline and automate all the
    logistics of scheduling, onboarding, pricing, payment and processing, and student and tutor
    engagement. All this serves to improve margins and a business’s capacity to scale.

    What TutorOcean means for students and parents

    TutorOcean’s platform has been designed, and continues to evolve, to provide students and
    parents or guardians alike with the most convenient means possible to connect with the
    right tutor and build a productive relationship. Our caregivers have found the right tutor for
    their K-12 students to improve in a single subject or to prepare for college and university
    entry exams. Older students turn to TutorOcean for the help to succeed in the next steps of
    the academic journeys.

    With TutorOcean, the ideal tutor can be found quickly, by filtering search results based on
    user ratings, subject matter, budget, location and association with particular school.

    TutorOcean has tutors available from more than 200 post-secondary institutions, from
    across North America and abroad, and with more being added all the time. This includes
    prestigious schools like Harvard, Cornell and Stanford.

    How TutorOcean benefits tutors

    TutorOcean gives tutors of practically any subject or discipline the means to build their
    online tutoring business, in-person and online, with the most advanced online platform of its
    kind in the world. Tutors have the freedom to set their own rates with clients, without the
    hassles of having to manually manage scheduling, billing and so on.

    Through the TutorOcean platform, tutors have access to students in more than 100
    countries. While many caregivers and students find the most value from tutors in the maths
    and sciences, language, music and test preparation, hundreds of different subjects are
    taught through TutorOcean.