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Does My Child Need a University Prep Tutor? 6 Reasons to Find a Tutor ASAP

Are you on the fence about investing in a tutor for your recent high school graduate? Believe it or not, tons of students invest in university prep tutors. We can look to the United Kingdom as an excellent example of tutoring in action.

In autumn of 2020, the UK created a national tutoring program that offered personalized tutoring to primary school students who were struggling in the wake of the pandemic. Known as the National Tutoring Program, it will take a while to measure exactly how effective the program was.

But if we look to other research studies about tutoring, it has been proven time and time again that tutoring works. While U.S. students and those in other countries may not be able to benefit from a national program to help them prepare for college, investing in a private tutor isn’t as expensive or daunting as it might seem.

Does your child need a university prep tutor to help them prepare for their upcoming college exams? In this guide, we’ll break down six different reasons you should hire a college prep tutor from TutorOcean.

It’s normal to be on the fence about investing in a university prep tutor for your child. Here are six reasons why it’s the best choice you could ever make for your child’s academic future.

Your child has difficulty planning for tests.

Planning for tests can be difficult, especially if your student doesn’t have the right tools and frameworks available to plan and study correctly. Simply signing up for the SATs or ACTs can be a bit confusing. Many students are presented with a ton of options, such as the additional essay, subject exams, etc. A university prep tutor won’t just help your student study. They will also walk them through the entire process of signing up for and preparing for their final exams. Having someone available who has thorough knowledge of these exams can make a huge difference in how your student plans for them.

Your child is struggling with test and class scores.

Not every child is a perfect student. And despite what some might say, this often has nothing to do for their capacity or desire to learn. Sometimes, students struggle to work with their teacher’s teaching style. Others might have issues with distractions. No matter the reason your child is struggling to keep their scores up, a tutor will be able to help them boost their scores. A tutor isn’t just someone who helps your child cram and memorize various subjects. They also provide valuable learning skills and tools to help your child study smarter, work harder, and prepare for tests the right way. Get help today with an ACT test prep tutor from TutorOcean! 

Your child has difficulty practicing and studying specific subjects on their own.

A majority of universities will require SAT subject scores in order to consider students for admission. These exams are separate from the main SAT exam. There are a number of different subjects to choose from, and your student should pick the subject that closely matches their desired major. Studying for these subjects can be quite difficult, especially when one has to study for the basic SAT exam as well. Tutors with specialties or expertise in a certain subject can significantly help students prepare for these exams.

Your child is quite young.

Is your child a bit far away from graduating high school? That doesn’t mean you don’t need to invest in a university prep tutor. Investing in a tutor now rather than later can help your child develop the study skills they need to breeze through high school and college alike.

Your child struggles with exam anxiety.

Just about everybody out there struggles with exam anxiety. That anxiety can be even worse for students who are taking university entrance exams, ACTs, or SATs. With so much riding on their success, it makes sense how a student’s nerves can get in the way of them studying and absorbing information easily. If left unchecked, some students may give up altogether because the pressure is too much. This can be easily avoided by investing in a university prep tutor that can put your child at ease and improve their study habits. The SATs aren’t exactly fun, but a tutor can help your students deal with their anxiety and gain the confidence to take the tests head-on. Visit TutorOcean today to find the perfect SAT test prep tutor!

You have the right budget to invest in tutoring services.

The hourly rates for tutors vary significantly. For university prep tutors, expect to pay between $40 and $75 per hour for a tutor. This might be steep for some, but it helps to consider how often such a tutor will be needed. If your child simply needs to study for upcoming entrance exams, then they will only really need to have sessions with their tutor once a week for a couple of months. 

Find the Right University Prep Test Tutor with TutorOcean

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