How Much Do Physics Tutors Cost?

Online Physics Tutors cost on average $22.72, at minimum $5, at maximum $182 per hour

What Are the Average Costs for Online Physics Lessons?

The average cost for physics lessons, and tutors, is $22.72 per hour. Hiring a physics tutor to teach you how to become better at physics, you can expect to spend between $5 to $182 per hour. The average price of physics lessons can vary significantly by region (even by zip code), subject expertise, how many mins the session is, frequency of sessions, online vs in-person education, and many more.

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Physics Lesson Durations & Costs List

Physics Lesson Lengths Average Costs
30 minutes $15
45 minutes $22.50
60 minutes $30

Why Do The Costs of Physics Lessons Vary So Much?

Physics lesson pricing highly depends on the teacher’s location, accolades, experience, and level of knowledge. For example, a high school physics teacher will charge different rates than a physics graduate, masters’ or Ph.D. level. With thousands of vetted tutors on TutorOcean, with all levels of expertise, physics lesson prices vary immensely on our platform, ranging from $5 to $182 per hour. With physics teachers at every price point, improving your physics course grades online is within your reach!

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Common Physics Tutoring Costs FAQs​

To properly teach yourself physics, all students will require some form of external assistance, in addition to traditional learning materials. To succeed in physics, you will need a deep understanding of many other subjects that will be foundational to almost all of general physics. Every physics course builds upon the foundational concepts from previous classes, from physical science to math for analytical physics. Without some guidance, or having a tutor connect the ideas for a student, it can become unnecessarily difficult to be self-taught.

We believe it is never too late to start learning! However, it is usually in high school sophomore year when students take actual physics courses. That is a great time to begin looking for a "physics tutor near me" or "physics tutoring near me" because that is about the time when you may start focusing on physics as a career. A tutor can help you learn what physics is, manage test anxiety and show you problem-solving strategies to work through as many of your quiz/test questions as possible during the time allotted to help maximize your academic performance.

Your own experience and results may differ, but getting added help on top or in place of your school’s curriculum can make all the difference when learning physics. General physics lessons can help deepen your understanding of concepts you are learning in high school, university, and beyond. Getting constant practice and guidance while learning tried and tested techniques will help improve your physics knowledge and lead to an improved academic performance in your physics program. Think of it as investing in yourself to reach your full potential as a physics expert.

Every physics teacher on TutorOcean's Marketplace sets their own cost for physics tutoring services. The price of physics lessons varies based on many variables such as the coach’s skills, experience, certifications, topics and skills the students wish to learn, the frequency of sessions, and more. With thousands of vetted tutors on our platform and hundreds of physics mentors to choose from that fit your unique needs, you can find a physics coach that fits your budget and schedule.

The top factors affecting the tutor's cost are whether the session is online or in-person (online is cheaper), the number of years of tutoring experience, level of education and how much they are in demand. Don't skip a tutor just because they are new to a platform like TutorOcean, because everyone has to start somewhere. So many of our more recent tutors begin with lower hourly prices to help build their tutoring experience before increasing their costs. So make sure you search for a "physics tutor price near me" and then compare to other tutors from different cities and even countries to see the difference in prices. You can also search for physics tutors based upon the University they attended if you need help with a particular course.

It depends on the level of experience of the tutor. The average cost for a chemistry tutor is $30 per hour. And an experienced university-level chemistry tutor is usually at the higher end of that avg so you will probably find them between $25-50 per hour.

Every physics student should practise on their own for at least two to four times a week for as long as needed to grasp fundamental concepts and complete any work assigned in class. The amount of time you should spend depends on the level of physics you are learning, from introductory physics to more complex physics concepts. A good start is studying physics for 15-20 minutes a day, or up to two hours if you are past high school. Learning time can also be further reduced with the help of a physics tutor.

On average, most tutoring sessions are 30 minutes to an hour long. Students can only absorb so much information in a session! It is better to have more frequent sessions (for example, two or three sessions a week) compared with requesting one very long session. Students need breaks in-between study sessions in order to process and absorb theoretical concepts.

As a physics major or a science student simply taking a physics class, a private online tutor can help you with all your physics learning needs. The TutorOcean marketplace provides excellent vetted tutors, online or in-person, that suit all budgets. A great tutor can help you achieve that grade you want or even help you get that physics degree you are working so hard to achieve.

How To Find and Choose a Physics Tutor

Instructor Reputation

In addition to finding a teacher with good ratings, consider several factors when choosing your physics teachers, such as the location, teacher punctuality, diversity of teaching styles, and personality fit. The cost of physics lessons aligns with expertise.

Experience & Specialization

Physics teachers sometimes prefer one topic over another, so take advantage of the tutor interview process to understand if they are good at physics, and a good fit for you or your child. You will want to ensure to find the right fit and price ranges.

Virtual VS On-Site Lessons

Today, most physics lessons occur over online video. However, depending on the lesson, many teachers are willing to provide safe sessions in person if they are located nearby. Find out how to become a physics tutor.

Private Physics Tutoring Lessons

Physics lessons are usually half an hour to an hour in length. Pricing depends on the teacher’s location, accolades, experience, and level of knowledge. Surprisingly, private lessons can often cost the same as group lessons.