Children With Learning Disabilities Can Get Tutoring Support At Home Thanks to TutorOcean’s Online Learning Platform

In preparation for students returning to school, TutorOcean extends support for students with learning disabilities, from homework help to personalized one-on-one learning support.

September 16, 2021 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – TutorOcean (, one of North America’s fastest-growing tutoring marketplaces, announced today its support for students with learning disabilities. TutorOcean is helping students with suspected or diagnosed learning disabilities, such as ADHDAspergersAutismDyscalculiaDyslexiaDyspraxia, and other Special Educational Needs to ensure they don’t fall behind in school.

The ongoing pandemic has made learning increasingly difficult for many students who have had to continuously transition between online and in-person school. Students with learning disabilities, who often require tailored learning plans and extra assistance, have been particularly affected by a lack of virtual learning support or swift transitions back to in-person classes. Not to mention, many of them are looking for supplemental learning and support that may not be offered by their school. 

With that in mind, TutorOcean now offers unique learning support, featuring a vast selection of tutors who specialize in teaching students with learning disabilities in every subject. Parents and students can now leverage the special “filters” or simply search for their disability to find tutors from anywhere in the world who are experts to handle their particular needs.

“Consistent learning support is crucial for students with learning disabilities,” said Will Li, CEO, and Co-Founder of TutorOcean. “By combining our collaborative virtual classroom with tutors specialized in supporting students with learning disabilities, we can enable the much-needed engagement and continuity that not only curtails potential regression in classroom performance but positively impacts a student’s interest in learning.

TutorOcean’s platform is simple and easily accessible for anyone to use. Students and parents will find a wide range of learning opportunities from math to science help, language learning, homework help, University/College prep tests, and so much more.

“Thanks, Patrick, for all your help these last two years with Joshua. He is now graduating high school with over a 90% average, and you played a HUGE role in helping him reach his goals.”, said Curtis a parent on the TutorOcean marketplace, who describes himself as the happiest dad in the world. “He has been accepted into the Aerospace Engineering program at his university of choice. You have successfully guided him through his toughest school challenges… THE BIGGEST THANK YOU IMAGINABLE!”

Students love the ease with which they connect and learn online, as well as the “Free First 15 Min” online session to meet ‘n greet new tutors. At the same time, our tutors love the flexibility and ease of connecting and teaching students in our virtual classroom, offering a fun and interactive learning experience. TutorOcean provides the perfect collaborative and accessible learning environment for those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of technology.

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About TutorOcean

TutorOcean ( is a global marketplace and virtual learning platform where learners and tutors engage for K-12 and post-secondary subjects, university preparation, peer-led mentoring, and instruction in a variety of arts and hobbies.

Using TutorOcean’s intuitive and integrated online classroom, tutors are able to create a stimulating and effective learning environment to help learners achieve their goals. It’s a place where connections are made instantly, knowledge is shared in real-time, and geographical boundaries are conquered to create a global community that is passionate about lifelong learning.

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