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6 Free Back-to-School Math Activities (Get to the Next Level)

Don’t let your kids fall behind on math during the summer months!

We get that summer is a great time to spend with your children and enjoy some unwinding time. However, it wouldn’t be wise to have your child completely fall behind in their studies, especially math. Luckily, you don’t have to bore your little one to death with very traditional study sessions. You can use free and fun math activities to help your student brush up on their math skills before going back to school.

We put together a list of six excellent back-to-school math activities for children to learn over the summer. Not only are these activities fun and effective, but they’re also totally free. How cool is that? Check out our list of activities below!

6 Free Back-to-School Math Activities to Help Your Child Get to the Next Level

All of these free activities are immensely helpful for helping your student prepare for their next math class. However, the best way to help your child prepare for their next math class would be by utilizing the best math tutoring centers available online. Many recent studies have found that students are struggling to maintain their grades during the pandemic, and tutoring is one of the key ways to fight this growing issue. TutorOcean is a great online marketplace where you can get a math coach for your child easily. In addition to a paid tutor, these six activities are a great supplement!

Use “Talking Math” Cards

A great way to see where your student is at in terms of knowledge and interest in math is to simply talk about math. Make a few different flashcards that pose questions like “My favorite kind of math is…” or “I like math problems that make me…” This will stimulate a conversation and help you prepare the right math concepts to teach your student.

Set Goals with Templates and Posters

We recommend using Teachers Pay Teachers’ SMART Goal Setting Templates and Posters to help your student set learning goals over the summer. Simply create a chart together to determine the right strategies that they need to solve difficult math problems. You can hang this chart on your fridge or in their room to keep them motivated, but also to give them a point of reference when studying math over the summer.

Read Picture Books About Math

There are a ton of different math-based picture books or printables that you can easily find online. These resources are fun and excellent for visual learners, so you won’t have to worry about your student getting bored or overwhelmed during their summer vacation. Just make sure you choose a book designed for their previous math year level, not the year level they will be entering into.

Use Fun Math Apps and Games

If you have a tablet, you can access a ton of fun and effective math apps and games through the Google Play Store or App Store. Our top picks for helping younger students have fun with math concepts include Smart Tales – STEM learning. Ensure that you play these games with your student to ensure they are really absorbing the concepts they are being taught, and also to make learning math a fun communal activity.

Use Legos

Do you have a student who is resistant to math and education activities at home? One way to “trick” them into learning math is with this handy Lego fraction game! Simply put the Lego learning board together with your child as shown in the guide and write different fractions on small pieces of paper. Your student will then have to arrange the different rows of legos to correspond with the fractions. It’s a fun and stimulating game that is perfect for visual math learners.

Get Active with a Beanbag Toss Game

Do you have some old bins and beanbags lying around from your last barbeque party? Use them to teach your students math! Simply label your bins with different values such as ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. Your student will then toss beanbags into the bins and then count them up to see what number they have “created.” This is a wonderful way to have fun, enjoy some outdoorsy time, and teach your students math all at once.

These free back-to-school math activities are pretty helpful, aren’t they? Drop us a comment below and tell us which math activity helped your child prepare for the next school year!

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