5 Math Tutoring Tips

5 Things You Can Do To Make A Huge Difference As A Math Tutor

Becoming a math tutor is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Often students struggle with the key math principles. By showing each student a way that they can grasp these key concepts will enable them to get onto a path of success. 

From visual learners to repeating the same task over and over, the success of a math tutor is to adopt your teaching style and approach based upon the needs of each and every student.

The One Thing You Can Do To Make A Huge Difference As A Math Tutor

This is where it all begins. The best way to make the big difference as a math tutor is to adapt your teaching style to the unique needs of each and every student you are tutoring. Just because a student isn’t able to solve a math problem, it doesn’t mean they don’t understand the subject. 

As a math tutor, you should remain consistent and consistently engage your students as they struggle. Make sure your students know that you are there for them. Be a role model that students will look up to. 

As a math tutor you must focus on each student’s needs. Ask yourself the following questions: How do you plan to help each and every student to achieve their specific goals?

How to Help Your Students Understand the Key Math Principles

Step 1. Start with the basics
Sometimes students can become overwhelmed with a number of new concepts and so many new skills and abilities. Start with the basics and work your way up to more complicated and advanced concepts. 

Step 2. Spend time reviewing concepts
A good tutor will spend time reviewing the different concepts and areas of knowledge that they need to understand. This will create an environment where the students feel comfortable and confident. 

Step 3. Teach children to solve problems
Start to teach your students to solve math problems. This will build confidence and independence. 

Step 4. Get students to apply skills
Start to get students to apply the basic skills they are learning. Encourage your students to apply these skills to their daily lives. Step 5.

Different Learning Styles

Each and every student has a different way of thinking about math. Some students need a numeric approach, some need a verbal approach, and others may need a demonstration. You will need to determine which works best for your student as well as the student’s parents.

A large factor in teaching is, how much time is there? Teaching math for multiple hours per day is very difficult and not possible. For math tutors, your job becomes a lot easier if you find time when the students can come to you. There are countless people who have great interest in learning but have no interest in going into the classroom and spending four hours in front of a chalkboard.


Some students may believe that a math tutor cannot make a difference. But I believe a math tutor can make a difference. 

In this article, I listed the top 5 things you can do as a math tutor to make a huge difference. I hope you will implement each one of these into your program. I hope you will consider becoming a math tutor. 

Help these students become better at math and make a difference in their lives.